Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lazy food

Last time Andy went away for an extended trip, I ate really well. At the start of his absence I went through some cookbooks and marked recipes I wanted to try for myself, and I made a point to cook good meals.

This time has been very different. I’m happy to blame a number of factors: I’ve been busy and have been getting home late. I’ve been living off of the fruit & veggie co-op, which is convenient but doesn’t deliver much in the way of inspiration (the focus is on staple foods). It’s getting warm again, so I don’t feel like putting the oven on excessively. Really, though, I’ve been ridiculously lazy.

About half of a weekly co-op order, freshly washed and drying in the dish rack. Not pictured (because they didn’t need washing) were two ears of corn, a head of lettuce, a bunch of avocadoes, pumpkin, oranges, bananas and onions.

My meal focus has been on quick and simple. So I’ve been eating lots of soba noodles, because they feel vaguely healthy and they cook up in 5 minutes. Sometimes I have them with nothing but a splash of Liquid Amigos, but sometimes I jazz them up. This time I used some broccoli from the freezer, cucumber slices and roasted peanuts.

I’ve also been having lots of eclectic meals, particularly on the weekend when I’m trying to use up veggies. Here we have a sautéed mix of potatoes, carrots, onions and green beans served up with rice, an orange, and some peanuts.

On evenings when I don’t get home until very late, I sometimes don’t eat much at all. Last Thursday I went to a clothing swap party, where everyone brought their unwanted clothes and dumped them in a pile, and we all dug through and found some new treasures. When I got home, it took all my energy to spread some avocado on a slice of kalamata olive bread.

I haven’t been lazy all the time. Every few days I resolve to get motivated and eat more healthily, and I’ll even summons the energy to put together something complicated, like this lasagne. The top and bottom layers were tomato-tvp sauce, and in the middle was frozen broccoli and spinach mixed with tofu. This was yummy, and garlicky and made enough for leftovers.

And every now and then I'm even inspired to try something new. After laughing about Bianca’s memory of Granny’s beer beans (and her family’s lack of a similar memory), I decided to do something similar, though on the stovetop. Hence BBQ-Beer Beans and Tofu on toast. I used up some overripe tomatoes which I mixed with half a block of crumbled tofu, a tin of beans, some bbq sauce, molasses and half a bottle of homebrew beer. The result was sweet and tangy and delicious. And of course I had to drink the other half of the bottle of beer.

When I’m really feeling lazy, though, I open the freezer. Before he left, Andy got me a litre of chocolate soy ice cream. I’ve enjoyed it with crumbled up gingernut biscuits, desiccated coconut, and peanuts, but it’s equally good on its own.

I’m not the only lazy one in the house.

Nacho likes to spend a weekend afternoon by the back door, watching the bugs and lizards, and watching the pineapple grow.

Andy comes home in a bit over a week, so here’s hoping my motivation finds its way back to me before he does!


VeggieGirl said...

Lazy food??? More like SENSATIONAL food!! Yum to everything!!! :0)

Aww, Nacho :0)

Oooh, love the pineapple!!

Hooray for Andy returning soon!!

Anonymous said...

Grow pineapple, grow! You certainly eat better than I do most days - wow! I have those days too when I can barely whip up a smoothie or grab an energy bar. In fact I just wandered around the kitchen and had a much of raisins, a slice of dried mango, 2 small Dr. Krackers and two pieces of dehydrated kale chips. I could not really find anything I wanted!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at that pineapple!!! Beautiful.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

It's hard not to be lazy with no one to cook for! You seem to do more than I when cooking for one.

Bianca said...

Oh, that pineapple is too cute! And the beer bean stuff sounds awesome. I'll have to try mixing in tofu next time. And I LOVE beans over toast.

Also, your lasagna is beautifully plated! I wish I had those skills.

Theresa said...

I haven't photographed the worst of my meals. And remember, Andy has been gone for about six weeks, so in between these good meals I've had a lot of shockers!

@Bianca--the trick to making lasagne look good is to cut it and plate it the next morning when it's cold ;) It holds together much better.

Vegetation said...

It must be that time of year. My meals have been much the same and I just can't seem to muster up enough anything to make myself make something other than something I can throw together in 3 seconds (with minimal cooking of course!)

That lasagna looks awesome and my goodness! Look how big little Nacho has gotten! (she's just as beautiful as ever, give her a big pat from me!)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Is it bad that your lazy food looks more gourmet than the food I cook when I'm NOT being lazy?!

Groover said...

Nacho looks so comfortable there by the door. He has grown, too, just like the pineapple. Have you planned some sensational way how you are going to eat it? :-)

Love your lasagna. Alberto has been a real darling and made the delicious cauliflower lasagna again this week. It was enough for two nights.

Jewel said...

Well these pics have had me craving vegies the last couple of days, strange thing to crave. Particularly your pototoes, rice and green beans plate.

I haven't posted any comments on your blog previously (not that I can recall) but I've been reading it for a while.

Someone tagged me and I hope you don't mind but I've tagged your blog on mine as I don't know that many people with blogs. Tag

The Vegan Snorkeler said...

I too have been way too busy and tired to cook well lately, although you seem to be doing a lot better than I am! Your veggies look amazing, and your pineapple is so exciting!!!

Serena said...

I also say that food looks sensational, especially the lasagne! I love eating soy chocolate icecream too...delicious!

On another note, I wanted to thank you for your caring words on the recent passing of my ex-husband and kids Dad. We were really touched.

Amy said...

Lily mentioned you on her blog, and I have to say, thanks for the food inspiration! Sometimes it's hard to think what to make when lacking time/energy/inspiration and only having basic ingredients on hand. Not to mention trying to please three boys and a husband!

Vaala said...

Is that bread from your breadmaker? It looks yummy. Your lasagne looks amazing too as well as your Beer Beans. Delicious!

Amy said...

Nacho is so big. Is she full-grown? (I think Nacho is a girl but I may be wrong.)

Theresa said...

You're right, Amy, Nacho is a girl. And she is about a week off of being 1 year old, so I think (hope) she's as big as she'll get. She's still as playful as ever though!

the little one said...

"Every few days I resolve to get motivated and eat more healthily" -- too funny. Totally true for me too! Hey, glad to catch up with your posts. I miss you when I'm away for so long. Damn, I need to figure out a way to work less!