Sunday, December 27, 2009

Plant Essentials

I don't go in for paid advertisements or anything like that on my blog, but I wanted to take a minute to rave about a local shop that I love.

Plant Essentials in Townsville city is a natural beauty store, and they also sell a bit of food, including excellent raw chocolates. They carry lots of vegan and organic product lines, but they also make their own, which is what I really like.

The ingredients are straightforward, mostly organic, and all plant-based.

And they are made locally, which I love.

They even sell their own mineral makeup which is far more affordable than the other aussie brands I was using before.

Last time I was there I grabbed some stainless steel waterbottles for Andy and I, which I've already plastered with my Edgar's Mission sticker.

They have an online shop if you're interested (but seriously, I'm not advertising or getting anything in return for this plug).

I'm also a fan of their spa because they use all vegan products, and it's cheaper than many of the other spas in town. Andy and I dropped in before christmas for a massage -- a great way to relax before the craziness of christmas!


Seitahn said...

Isn't it great when you find something so good you just want to share with others?!!

How fantastic that the spa uses all vegan products (and is cheaper!!).

Lucky Townsvillians! (Is that the correct term for you guys??!!)


moretolifethanlettuce said...

So cool that they make their own mineral makeup and that their spa uses all vegan products! You know something is good when people blog about it with no compensation ;)

Lauren said...

so awesome they use all vegan products at that spa!! how nice :)
hope you have a great new years!

Vaala said...

That's so cool that they make their own products especially makeup. I haven't worn makeup in years 'cause it just seemed to hard to find and too expensive.

Vaala said...

Oh yeah, happy new year too :)

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