Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Food round-up.

In an effort to keep posting things, as well as to clear out a folder of food photos from a while ago, I present you with a random mish-mash of meals with minimal wordage from me.

Pizza.  Herby crust, tomato sauce, topped with spinach, sauteed onions, seitan, fresh tomatoes and shaved sweet potato.

Fritter-tata cake.  Using the concept of our favourite fritters, we attempted a giant, frittata-like cake.  A base of corn, spring onions and tofetta was topped with a spinach-laden batter and baked before being flipped over to serve.  Kind of like a corn upside-down cake.  This didn't work as well as we had hoped -- the batter was too thick to run down into the veggies -- but it was still yummy.

Smashed potatoes (boiled whole, then smashed and baked) with some kind of fried rice.  I have a vague memory that this is Thai-Style Pineapple Fried Rice from The Tropical Vegan, made with a fresh, beautiful pineapple.  This reminded me of my trip to Thailand and we both loved it.

This is our variation on "Potato, Leek and Sea Vegetable Soup" from Vegan.  We didn't have a leek, so it's potato, onion and sea vegetable.  Also, we swapped Atlantic sea weed for a combination of nori and wakame, because that's what we had.  This was absolutely amazing.  Something in it combined to create this fantastically morish soup that we both thought was the bomb diggity.  Andy loved it, and he usually hates soup.

Upon finding bean sprouts and noodles reduced to clear, and capsicums and snow peas on special, we obviously had to make som Pad Thai.  We love "Brooklyn Pad Thai" from Vegan with a Vengeance with double the sauce and the addition of tomatoes (Vegan Planet style).

The best lentil loaf we've ever made.  Actually, Andy made this so I shouldn't take credit.  He roughly followed a recipe from Wild Morsels but mostly just winged it.  This had red lentils, brown rice, oats, a tin of baked beans, grated carrot, and some other things.  It held together beautifully, it was flavourful and the topping of tomato paste reminds me of my mum's cooking.

I shall return with more sporadic and disjointed posts soon...


moretolifethanlettuce said...

that fritter-tata thing is stunning, i want one!! a lentil loaf? never had it, but i bet it's great!

Bianca said...

The fritter-tata looks delicious. I love corn so much and I'm a fan of anything baked in a delicious batter. Also, I must try those smashed potatoes soon.

Hannah said...

I love seeing these ontages of your deliciousness! (I really should do a clean-out of chocolate photos, as I'm so dreadfully behind in reviewing them!)

I agree that the fritter-tata looks amazing, but mostly I'm in love with the soup... does changing the ingredient to onion enable you to call it your own and post the recipe? :P

cristy said...

Yum, I want that pizza. All the best with the 'finishing the first draft' push. Yay you!

Vaala said...

Everything looks really good especially that soup. It sounds really interesting. And I really love lentil (or nut) loaves especially as the weather gets cooler. There's something incredibly comforting about them.

Crystal said...

Mish-mash posts are my favorite! Yum, your fritter-tata cake sounds like a good idea. I bet it would have been awesome if the batter worked out the way you wanted it to.