Saturday, April 17, 2010


I've mentioned this cookbook before, particularly noting its reasonably non-descript name. What it lacks in title, however, this cookbook more than makes up for with the quality of the recipes. And it has pictures!

I've posted plenty of recipes from the book already (typically with lots of adaptations). There was the totally amazing potato and sea vegetable soup.

Of course, we quickly fell in love with the corn fritters.

At Christmas, just after getting the book, Andy and I made a big brekky cook-up featuring the Creamy Breakfast Mushrooms.

And I wowed all the non-vegans with the beautiful and delicious Black Forest Chocolate Cake (topped with Urban Vegan's Macho Fudge Sauce).

Andy had a go at the croissants, and was frustrated with the lack of direction provided but the end result was delicious anyways.

Our results from this cookbook haven't been perfect, but I expect that has as much to do with our cooking as the recipes. For instance, we had a go at the Egg-Free Omelette, using far more tofu than was called for, but less (and different) veggies. When it came time to flip the omelette, Andy tried to slide/shake the omelette onto a plate, as the recipe suggested, and we ended up with an epic fail.

The scramble that resulted, while not pretty, was really yummy and something we'll try again in future.

We also tried the ravioli (from Tapenade and Yogurt Ravioli with Calaloo Sauce) which was good but not great.

One of our most desired recipes from the book, based on the photo, was the Wild Rice and Lentil Quenelles in Tomato Sauce. We used all brown rice instead of while rice, but otherwise kept to the recipe and found they tasted a bit healthy. They were also far less beautiful than the cookbook photo. (With salad, potatoes and risotto balls.)

There are still heaps of recipes I want to try, like the Crispy, Stuffed Peppadew Peppers (baked, not fried!), Savoury Cookie Swirls, Inca Parcels (leaves stuffed with amaranth filling), Haggis, Sunday Roast Drumsticks, and Banoffee & Quinoa Custard Pie.

In all, we kind of love this cookbook.


Hannah said...

I'm still jumping up and down about the potential-future banoffee tart! (Hypothetically jumping... in reality, sitting down with my foot elevated.) For the moment, though, I really like the sound of the potato and sea veggie soup. I love sea vegetables, and don't cook with them nearly enough!

Vaala said...

I think I remember all of these...definitely the fritters 'cause they catch my eye (and pull on my stomach) every time. I don't seem to cook out of cookbooks lately which is probably why my food is rather uninspiring at present. I don't know how you do it!

Lisa said...

Hi Teresa - I have this book too and really like it :) I loved the Wild rice/lentil quenelles and have made them many times, but unfortunately didn't have any luck with the Inca parcels or Banoffee pie! The recipes looked amazing but somehow just didn't work for me. You've inspired me to have a good look back over them and try again! By the way, I love your blog! I'm in Australia too - Brisbane - and it's awesome to see ingredients I can and do buy! Reading mainly American vegan blogs, it's strange to read a blog that mentions Woolworths and the like!! Best wishes and thanks for the inspiration :) Lisa