Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't go chasin' waterfalls...

There's no need to chase waterfalls on the Tabelands, because they practically seek you out.  Andy and I went to some of the waterfalls which are "must-see" stops when visiting the Tablelands; the good thing about them is most are right on the highway with a short walk from the carpark to get to the viewing sites.  Our first one was the exception, though it isn't considered a must-see, and we only found out about it from our coffee plantation tour guide. 

Emerald Creek Falls, near Mareeba.  About 8 kms from the highway, mostly down dirt roads, and then a 1.9 km (return) walk to the top of the falls.  You can swim at the base of the falls (just past the Danger! Achtung! signs), or at the top if you can brave the cold water -- Andy did, briefly.

Little Millstream Falls, near Ravenshoe.  About 1.2 kms from the highway, and maybe 600 metres return to the viewing rocks.

Millstream Falls, near Ravenshoe.  Just off the highway, and 700 metres return to the viewing platform.  Supposedly Australia's widest waterfall.

Malanda Falls, near, obviously, Malanda.  This one is so close to the highway you can see the road in this photo.  Turn off the highway into the parking lot, and then walk about 30 metres to the falls.  A concrete swimming pool has been built up around the base of this little falls.

Now the Waterfall Circuit.  South of Malanda, on the highway towards Innisfail, there is a 17km loop road that takes you to three picturesque falls.  First, Millaa Millaa Falls, fringed by tree ferns.  These photos are from the parking lot, though there is a longer walk to the top of the falls we decided against.

Next, Zillie Falls is where Theresa Creek (!) plummets over a rock face.  The viewing platform here is sort of at the top, and there was a longer walk to the base which we also decided against.

And finally, Elinjaa Falls.  This was a slightly longer walk, maybe 1.2 km return.

To be honest, there were plenty of other waterfalls we saw signs for, or were told about, which we didn't make it to.  We were a bit waterfalled out.  If you are a waterfall fan, as well as a foodie, Atherton Tablelands is probably your dream destination.


Sarah said...

You've reminded me of my wonderful vacation in Cairns where we went to the Tablelands and went to a bunch of the waterfalls. We were very disappointed with Malanda Falls though. In fact, James asked me to take his picture to commemorate our disappointment:

Otherwise, though, I liked the Tablelands. It reminded me of WA, actually.

Hannah said...

Just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to... TLC, oh, memory lane! (Even though that's the only song I ever knew of theirs. I was more of a Green Day, Living End, and Spice Girls pre-teen myself.)

Beautiful shots. I'm assuming you jumped down a few of these waterfalls, Harrison Ford-in-that-falsely-accused-movie-style?

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures. What a lovely place to be. Thanks for sharing!