Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Things Vegans Eat - pasta

Pasta is a quick and easy meal, and can be done as simply or as fancy as you feel like.

Once, when I was young, I had dinner at a family friend's house and she served Spaghetti Pie.  It was wonderful - crunchy on the bottom and sauce on the top, with all the starchy goodness of pasta in the middle.  I tried to recreate this pie, based on vague memories.  But Andy baulked at the idea of a sauce-less layer of pasta, so I tossed some Spag-Bol sauce through the pasta, and then poured extra sauce on top before baking.  It did get crunchy around the edges, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for.  Good, anyways, and a good way to use up leftover sauce.

 Store-bought gnocchi is one of the quickest dinners there is.  This one is topped with a jar of sauce which we jazzed up with some eggplant and capsicum.  Next to the gnocchi is some leftover cauliflower-in-cream sauce, and fresh tomatoes.  Perfect for those days when I'm teaching until 5pm.

Andy made this light, summery pasta dish when it started to warm up and we decided we needed to shift our meals to reflect the change in seasons.  Tomato, green beans, cannellini beans, lemon juice and fresh dill lifted this pasta to light and tangy heights.

8 comments: said...

I love pasta, I think I could happily eat it every day! All those dishes look amazing especially the summery one.

Alessandra said...

Pasta is the base of my diet! But I suppose that it is also in my DNA :-)


Hannah said...

Spaghetti pie! That sounds like something I would've adored in childhood, if only for the name :)

Oooh, gnocchi! I've only had gnocchi three times in my life, and have now decided I need to change that. On the grocery list for this weekend, methinks!

Dee said...

I am getting in a few vegan meals a week since I started reading your blog. It just looks so yummy.

The Vegan Snorkeler said...

Pasta is the best! Everything looks delicious, as always.

Shear Sensations said...

Pasta the best..very good post.

Also your cookie post on my blog is set to air on the 18th of this month, hope you can promote it on your blog when time gets nearer. Thanks Sweety.

The holiday cookie show already started so stop by when you can.

Vaala ◪ said...

Pasta is so good. I hadn't had any in ages until this last weekend and now I'm having it all the time! The spaghetti pie actually sounds really interesting. I think we used to have something vaguely like that at the school tuck shop at high school (although it was probably a bit more like a tin of spaghetti in a pie crust if my memory serves me right).

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