Monday, January 31, 2011

Ginger, Lime, and Tahini?

In my testing for Carla's One Dish Wonders cookbook, I have seen a few recipes that I look at, read the ingredients list, and think, "Really?"  But I've tried a few of those recipes, despite my scepticism, and have been pleasantly surprised.

Case in point: Lime, ginger and tahini sauce.  Lime and ginger together makes sense to me.  But adding tahini into the mix just sounded like crazy talk.  But Andy and I felt like a stir fry, and we had all the ingredients, so we gave it a go.  And I'm glad I did - the ingredients come together in a magical way that makes it taste like peanut sauce, but also not like peanut sauce.  It's tangy and zippy and tart and morish.  And the other ingredients cover up the chalky taste that tahini often leaves in my mouth when I eat it (yeah, I don't *love* tahini, shock!).

On its own, it was a little thick for our stir frying needs - so we added a bit of ginger beer to thin it out (and for an excuse to drink the rest of the bottle) and mixed it through our noodles and veggies.

Another great recipe from One Dish Wonders!


Carla said...

YAY! for unexpected deliciousness!

Carissa said...

That does sound like a weird combo but it also seems like it would taste good to me! Good thing you tried it! I am always up for new tastes.

Hannah said...

I think this combination sounds magical! I've become rather enamoured with tahini lately, so might have to wing this sauce myself soon :)

Millie said...

What a yummy combo...looking forward to this book.

aimee said...

ginger, lime and tahini...sounds great!