Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Around the world in... Things that made me giggle.

I'm taking a break in the chronological description of our trip to show you some glimpses, if you will, from all of our stops.  This post will perhaps give you a glimpse into me and my own weird sense of humour, because these are photos I took of things that made me go "heh".

In the small town of Hammondsport, in Western NY, this sign was on the side of a building.  First it made me go, 'huh?'.  Then it made me go, 'heh'.

This is maybe what happens to people who eat too much Burger King - they turn into a monster. In Niagara Falls, Canada.

In Lake George, in upstate NY, the souvenir shops gave Andy a good posing opportunity.

Lego Atlas, at the Rockefeller Plaza Lego Store in NYC.

Maybe it's not funny, but I was amused by what I assume to be this overly dramatised 'deep water' sign in Glendalough, Ireland.

At a Very Old Church in Dublin, St Audoen's Church, these skulls watch over the congregation every Sunday.

In Schaffhausen, Switzerland, we were reminded just how tall Andy is, especially compared to Ye Olden Times.

We lul-ed over this sign in St Gallen, Switzerland. No dragging children on leashes, no warming your hands over fires, and definitely no dance parties.

I didn't think it was real when I saw this sign in Hong Kong for the "Dirty Sanchez Burger".  This was in the expat neighbourhood, and we saw the sign from the escalators.

A vending machine full of cold corn soup, AU$1.20 each, at the Central Pier in Hong Kong.

A tee shirt for sale in Hong Kong - "You Gut I Gut".  I have no idea.

A shop called Wanko, in Hong Kong.


Hannah said...

Why was that dude walked in the shallow water in formal shoes and clothes anyway? The fool deserves a good dunking.

The time traveller one made me giggle fo'sure.

Is Schaffhausen populated by hobbits?

Please say you tried the corn soup. What a wanko.

Hannah out! xo

Kari said...

These are brilliant :D I especially love the time travel one - but also the dramatised deep water sign, because I was similarly amused (as in, very!) by a dramatised sign of the dangers of a steep slope in Slovenia. My partner didn't share my amusement at all so now I feel vindicated!

Mel said...

Fantastic photos! The time traveller one is a classic, I think that's my favourite.

Susan said...

I don't gut it?
I love the time travel one, but they are all highly amusing.

Calvin95177 said...

The T-shirt "You GUT I GUT"

The picture shows a type of tangerine, where in Cantonese dialect pronounced "GUT", which means auspicious.

It's some sort of greeting for Chinese New Year, Which falls on 23/Jan/2012~6/Feb/2012

The context of "You GUT I GUT"
meaning wishing you auspicious and I will too.