Thursday, April 26, 2012

New House!

We were supposed to settle on our house last Tuesday. Planner and list-maker that I am, I had a very specific idea of how the day would go. We'd pick up the keys Tuesday afternoon, do a bit of cleaning in the new place, move a small load of stuff in, and then the next morning moving would begin in earnest. And we needed to be in by Wednesday, because we were handing over the keys to our flat on Friday - and we had carpet cleaners coming Thursday morning, and fumigators Friday morning. So, carefully timed, extensively planned operation.

You can possibly imagine my stress when we got a call from the solicitor on Tuesday lunch time, telling us the sellers couldn't settle. We ended up being allowed to move in early anyways, and the place finally settled on Tuesday this week - 7 days late. Everything went smoothly, despite the legal hiccup, and luckily I had cupcakes to absorb some of my stress levels.
Vanilla bean cupcakes, with the last of the rainbow sprinkles stirred into the batter.

Now that we're in, this place definitely feels like home. Nacho didn't think so when she first got here. She walked around, hissing at no one in particular, crouched low to the ground and jumping at Every Little Noise. But after about a day and a half, she relaxed and claimed the space as her own. Now she spends every evening and most mornings running around, full of beans, up and down the hall. She especially seems to love losing her footing on the slidy wood floors as she scrambles around corners.  She also managed to sneak into an awful lot of the photos I took of the house last week, so it kind of looks like she's giving you a tour. So I will let her do the work!

Before we moved, all of our stuff piled up in the garage.

The living room is nice and bright and airy, and the dark wood floor is a perfect canvas to show off all the cat hair.

This is what it looks like from the living room into the rest of the front space. Behind the dining table is a cat-access to the kitchen. The room with the lino flooring is currently a junk room, full of empty boxes purrfect for playing in.
The kitchen is a bit squeezy, and the cabinets are almost too high for a kitteh to jump on top of. Almost. That room you can see into at the other end of the kitchen is Andy's room.

The epic hallway of happy-fun-times! Look at all the doorways a cat can hide behind!

Theresa's room at the end of the house, which is full of empty suitcases at the moment but will become a craft room, a guest bedroom, a yoga/pilates room, and a room full of lovely things.

That's about it for the inside, and since Nacho doesn't go out of the house, I'll have to show you that another time!


Kari said...

Oh, how stressful with the last minute glitch! I'm glad you got to move anyway. And I love your living room floors! So incredibly beautiful. It looks like you have a lot of space too - have fun unpacking into it :)

Theresa said...

Definitely bigger, Kari - we need some furniture!

Hannah said...

Squeeeeee! Though I'll never understand why anything involving houses (renting/owning) always comes with about four billion times as much stress and last-minute issues and aaaaargh. But yay you're in!

Gina said...

Gorgeous new home! It looks so airy and light, and welcoming. And Nacho--adorable cat photos--looks so happy. Hope you are all three very happy chez vous! All the best, as you settle in.

Mel said...

Your new home looks fantastic, Nacho was very kind to show us around. Hope you are feeling settled in and unpacked now!

Tyrone said...

Lovely house. It has a solid and homey feel about it that is very endearing. It just needs a few personal touches here and there so that you can call it home. Congratulations!

Tyrone Swopes

Avril Copperfield said...

I agree with you, Mel! It’s sweet of Nacho to guide us by showing Theresa’s new home, hehe. I’m willing to bet Theresa and Nacho can even see their reflections through the shiny shimmering dark wood floor. You’ll soon get over those piles of empty boxes, Theresa. And all those stuff will be in their perfect places.

Avril Copperfield