Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From the Garden

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've posted last - I am full time now at work, which is good, but also means I am very, very busy. One of the competing demands for my time is the garden, which is going gangbusters.

We've been eating a bit of produce from our own back yard, which I will admit makes me feel very smug. But it's also really delicious! Here is what we've been growing and eating.

One of the quickest crops to grow is radishes, which we love roasted in the oven.

Another easy - and pretty - quick crop is nasturtiums, which have a peppery flavour and make a good salad. This one also features some cherry tomatoes from our garden.

Another one we've had success with is zucchini. We have had so many zukes!

We like them stuffed with garlic bread filling.
Garlic bread zucchini and eggplant pie.
 Or sauteed with kale (from our garden, too), capsicum, and pesto (made with basil from our garden) over pasta.

Grated zucchini makes a good addition to veggie sausage rolls.

But who can go past zucchini in sweets? I think when life gives you zucchini, you make zucchini bread. This is from the recipe in Urban Vegan

This plate is full of home grown - zucchini fritters and sauteed kale with nasturtium flowers. There is also a cauliflower casserole, but we didn't grow caulis in our garden.

Apparently kale is so not a warm climate veggie, but this Tuscan Black Kale seems to be going okay in our winter garden.

But Andy's favourite thing in the garden is easily the tomatoes. This is a Black Russian, a heirloom variety, which was beautiful and ripe and delicious, though it doesn't go very red in colour.

We sliced it onto avocado toast and it was delicious, and we can't wait for the rest to ripen up.

Soon we'll have pumpkins and capsicums and cucumbers and spring onions and maybe beetroots, but for now we'll keep eating zucchini a few days a week!


Yvonne said...

Those zucchini fritters look terrific! How did you make them? Mine always are too soft/soggy and rather bland in flavor.

Jeane said...

Wow! That surely looks tasty! Very mouth watering indeed. I really want to try those zucchini loaf. Great post!

2Garden Master

Hannah said...

Oh vegetables!! The friend I'm staying with presently doesn't eat vegetables, so I'm desperate to visit a grocery store soon. Garden fresh vegies sing to my soul!

Nadine said...

gosh I am so impressed - well done you!

Theresa said...

@Yvonne - I do about 1c. of flour, 1 tsp. of veggie stock powder, 1 tsp. of baking powder, 2-ish cups of grated zucchini, some garlic chives, a tsp. of vinegar, and then add water by the tablespoon until it's a thick batter consistency. Then we sometimes fry them, but this time we baked. The zucchini lets off a lot of moisture, so I barely need to add any water!

Dee said...

So jealous you can grow zucchini! Not fair! I will have to try again next year. You have the special touch.

Mel said...

Wow, your garden has produced for you so quickly! I didn't know that radishes grew rapidly and haven't eaten them much before but roasting vegetables always seems the way to go. I hope you don't end up with too many zucchini, I had a bumper crop years ago and ever since I haven't been as fond of them.

Kari said...

I am so impressed with your garden and produce! You should definitely be a bit smug :) Your uses of the vegetables also look great, and I hope the transition to ft work settles down for you. It is a challenging transition (I'm still not there yet I think!).

Vaala ◪ said...

Your garden is amazing. I can't believe how many things you have growing in it and they all look so delicious! Hehehe, I did like what you said about what to do when life gives you zucchini. So true. They are also good in muffins. Actually, they are probably good in heaps of different baking.

Team Earthling said...

Wow! That all looks AMAZING!