Friday, March 15, 2013

From the Garden

Practically since we moved in to our house almost a year ago, we have had a semi-productive garden which we've used to supplement our purchases of fresh produce. Now that we've been here a while, it's starting to get really good. Have a look at these meals that centred on the harvest from our own back yard.

This BBQ dinner is eggplant parma with sauteed luffa, potatoes and salad. The luffa was sauteed with lime juice which we were gifted from a friend's tree.

We grew the eggplant, all the salad ingredients - cucumber, basil, tropical spinach and chilli - and luffa. The luffa are a zucchini-like climbing vine which, if you let it get bigger, can be turned into the fancy bath sponges you buy from shops. This is what they look like when they are small.

And here is how they look when they grow.

Another night we made sushi. We used bought rice and seaweed, and condiments for dipping. But we grew all the fillings - eggplant that we marinated, snake beans, and cucumber.

Served with a side of sauteed luffa.
Andy's dad made the chopping board. I reckon her should go into business.
The cucumbers we're growing at the moment aren't your typical green variety. They're called "giant russian" and when I first saw one on the vine I thought we'd accidentally grown a butternut pumpkin!

And these nachos were made with black beans, tinned tomatoes, homegrown capsicum and chillies, and my favourite part...

Home grown sweet potatoes.

So we're not obligate locavores yet, but our locallivory is increasing. I just can't wait until our fruit trees start producing.


Anonymous said...

I never knew what a luffa was! I can't establish a garden until we get some house/shed renovations down but I plan on most of the back yard (and some of the front!) being used for food :)

Mel said...

I've never heard of luffa before either! The sushi and nachos look really yummy and I love the chopping board.

We have just bought a veggie gardening book and hope to get started on a winter garden soon. I'm sure ours won't be as exciting as yours which is constantly producing such amazing diverse food!

Hannah said...

You've got some damn fine sushi-rolling skills there, m'dear.

Kari said...

You are starting to move into fairytale like land for me, with these posts :) It sounds like you have such a gorgeous set up going and are making full use of it with your meals.

Joey said...

I love your garden posts - always makes me yearn for a bit of green space outside. And +1 on the never heard of luffa before.