Sunday, March 02, 2014

Green Curry

Remember when I made curry paste?

Well, we finally used it in a curry. It was quite mild - probably due to the painstaking time I spent de-seeding the green chillies. It tasted very lime-y, which is good and tangy.

Thai Green Curry

The curry had tofu sticks and carrots (bought), sweet potato, eggplants, cowpeas, eggplant, sweet potato shoots and hibiscus spinach (all from the garden). We served it on brown rice and topped it with some crunchy shallots. And from-scratch curry becomes an easy weeknight meal.


Kari said...

What a bright dish - and all the better for being fully home made / home grown. You're on the road to complete self sufficiency at your house!

Sandy said...

Looks so yummy! :-)

Joey said...

It does look so cheery thanks to those pretty colours. There's nothing like the satisfaction of using something that you've stashed away for later!

urban vegan said...

How cool that you made all those curry pastes! I am very jealous of your lifestyle and all your DIY gardening and cooking. This urban vegan is now on vacation in the desert, with all this space around me, it's something I could get used to. When are you coming to the US again? :)

Anonymous said...

I just checked our old blog from 2012 and saw that you had responded to one of our posts. OOPS! Sorry about that :) This curry looks scrumptious. I am going to tuck you into my RSS Feed reader now so that I don't lose your excellent blog :)

Millie said...

Looks great Theresa, I love it.

Anonymous said...

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John Ocampos said...

It looks very much delicious!
I am sure that my wife will love this, and I can encourage her to start eating vegan food. Amazing, thank you for sharing this recipe :D Let me also share something, I also follow one website which talks about vegan food and fitness,
take care!