Sunday, April 16, 2006

I <3 Food Fight!

I recently discovered something amazing. It's called the Vegan Passport, and it has a description of what is and isn't vegan... in a bunch of different languages. So, when you're looking for food and you don't speak the language, you hand your waiter/cook/helper/whatever the book and let them read for themselves. It solves the problem of trying to describe what you want when you can't communicate very well. It's really cheap, and small, so I think it's a must-have for every vegan, whether they plan on traversing the globe or just going to a Vietnamese restaurant (or any other cuisine, but you get the picture). Plus, it's really fun to look through and see what "I am Vegan" looks like in other languages.

I ordered mine from Food Fight, and I am newly in love. I'd heard rumors of their coolness before, but had never experienced it for myself. Well, let me tell you, the rumors are true. Since shipping was like $4, and was the same for a certain amount of stuff, I decided to go ahead and order me some Soyatoo Soy Whip with the Vegan Passport. Wow. Yum. Totally not something you can travel with, but delicious no-less. And, in the box that I got, there were stickers and flyers and little notes written from the Food Fight people about how yummy the Soy Whip is.

Food Fight + me = BFF, like, totally.


Jane M said...

Yeah, I love Food Fight too. Very good place to order from. I need that Vegan Passport! Never knew it existed before...duh... I think it might come in handy when I shop in ethnic markets too.

Urban Vegan said...

i'm buying vegan passport! thanks. great site.

Theresa said...

There are a few pages for India, since there are so many different languages spoken. Have a good trip, urban vegan!