Monday, October 01, 2007

High as a kite

This weekend Townsville hosted a kite festival, so we went down to have a look. There were tons of people around, and lots of BIG kites up in the air, but they were just sort of... sitting there. They were tied off and just hovered like big balloons. After 5 seconds we were a bit bored.
Luckily, on the other side of the footpath some stunt kites were flying.

Later in the day, there was 'kite ballet' and kite surfing on the water, but the sun was hot and the kites were mostly just sitting there, so we decided not to wait around. Either way, it was a fun afternoon.


bazu said...

It's been ages since I flew a kite. That looks so idyllic!

urban vegan said...

Beautiful. When I was in China, kite flying was very popular--even with elderly folks. I loved their palyefulness.

b36Kitchen said...

I was just talking about kites this weekend! I havn't flown one since I was a kid. Kite Ballet sounds interesting.