Thursday, March 13, 2008

booja booja

When I was ordering nutritional yeast a few weeks ago from The Cruelty Free Shop, I figured that since I was paying for shipping anyways, I may as well just throw in some chocolates to the order. Makes perfect sense, no?

I was tempted by a few different varieties, but the one that ultimately won me over was Booja Booja Ginger Wine Truffles. In addition to being a vegan and organic chocolate, the wooden box they come in is sustainably grown and harvested (whatever that means).

When I got home from uni to find a parcel on the step, I was very excited. I ripped it open, and immediately started opening up the truffles. Before I could get the inside paper stuff off, I realised the chocolate had melted in a big way.

Derrrr, Theresa, chocolate melts in the tropics! That’s why we keep all our chocolate bars in the fridge at all times. What made me think that shipping chocolate from down south to Townsville would be a good idea? Especially in the summer, and when it was sitting in the sun all afternoon.

My stupidity aside, we are able to break off oddly-shaped, truffle-sized portions of chocolate after it had spent the night in the refrigerator. These are really, really good. I can’t judge their appearance or texture, but the flavour was spot-on. A slightly boozy inside with little pieces of sweet and spicy ginger, all encased in yummy dark chocolate. The combination of ginger and chocolate is one that I find amazing but underrated; these truffles just confirm my opinion. The best part about these truffles is their super-rich taste, which means that we can stop after just one.

So when the weather is cool, do yourself a favour and order some Booja Booja truffles. As it says on the package, “Everyone needs a little booja booja now and then.”


Vegetation said...

Awww I'm sorry about your chockies. At least chocolate still tastes good, no matter what it's shape :P

Maybe you could order it in one of the insulated cold boxes she has on her website next time? It might keep it cool enough not to melt?

Leng said...

That's too funny! When I went over seas to visit family, they had all of their chocolate bars in the freezer! I thought that was so weird, but after seeing how humid and hot it was there, I understood why.
ginger and chocolate? I love ginger....I love chocolate...I think I need a little booja booja in my life also.

Vegan_Noodle said...

What a bummer about the chocolates!! I can't order chocolates in the summertime down here in Texas either (which is why I've been stocking up over the winter), but lately, lots of places are offering cold packs they will include with the product.
Sounds like they were still worth it though!

UndergroundCooking said...

Bummer. Always a sad moment when a good chocolate go to waste. I'm running out of Peanut Chews. I gotta go on trip over seas soon and get me another shipment home to sweden.

Anyway, i bought the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook and have started to experiment. I would never have known if it wasn't for you, so thank you! it's a lot of fun but frankly i'm a little dissappointed. just a little. i don't know, mabye it's possible to tweek the recipes a bit. thanks a lot anyway. keep the blog rollin'!

Bianca said...

How sad!!! I'm glad you were still able to eat them though. I probably would have cried...I'm like that about chocolate!

I'd like to order some, but I'm afraid they'd melt here too. It's not the tropics, but I live in the South U.S. and it's already 74 degrees and only March...I did order some vegan truffles from Food Fight during the winter though. They were amazing.

Veggie said...

I remember that from our trip to Alice Springs, it seemed so funny to see chocolate bars in the fridge at all the shops.