Monday, August 17, 2009

Northward - II.

See this post for the first part of the trip...

After all the driving of the previous two days, we were ready for a very relaxing day, so we found a shady spot on Port Douglas's Four Mile Beach and laid down with some books. This was, once again, a no swimming area, but we were comfy enough anyways. Instead of dragging about annoying beach chairs, I've taken to building them in the sand for a comfy alternative.

After a few hours we started to get hungry, so we headed back to the hotel to make lunch. Luckily the place we stayed was right in the middle of the main street, so it meant we didn't have far to go. We spent the afternoon wandering around Port Douglas, looking in shops that were full of useless and expensive goods, passing restaurants that were very vegan un-friendly, until we found a gelato place that advertised several dairy- and egg-free options. I tucked into a coconut-lime cone while Andy ordered a mango smoothy. Both were delicious.
Despite the richy feel of Port Douglas, it had a lovely tropical, laid back atmosphere with palm trees and little beaches everywhere.

Then we headed uphill, walking up to the lookout. We could see the full stretch of Four Mile Beach, and realised we had spent our morning at about mile-three, nearly down at the end.

We cooked dinner at the hotel again, barbecuing tofu, zucchini, cauliflower and corn. In Townsville, I had put the tofu and some garlic-herb marinade into a container and froze it, so that it would stay cold on the way up until I could fridge it again. It worked really well, and Andy dubbed it better than his non-vegan restaurant meal the night before.

I'll save the rest of the trip for another post, so watch this space for Kuranda and Cairns...


Amy said...

Sooooooooooooo pretty!!!

Fantastic idea about the tofu!

DJ said...

Pre-freezing is the way to go when travelling with tofu! That coconut lime cone looks so delicious!

Mandee said...

The photos from your trip are fantastic, you're making me want to go on a holiday!

And good luck with your application :)

Vaala said...

I love that photo of your feet at the beach...looks so relaxing. Can't wait for summer here to go hang out at the beach. Your bbq dinner looks so delicious.