Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Things Vegans Eat - Baked Yums!

Vegans don't only eat tofu and veggies.  We also love cake - at least, I do.  Cake, and muffins, cookies, bagels, and pretty much anything sweet and/or chocolatey.  This edition of Some Things Vegans Eat is dedicated to delicious, delicious baked goods.

 Carrot-pineapple muffins, each with a little pineapple chunk in the top.  These were more cake than muffin and made a fantastic snack at uni.

 This is an improvised marmalade cake, which was only okay.  To be honest, the only reason I made it at all is because I had a severe craving for Macho Fudge Sauce, from Urban Vegan.  This sauce is rich and hearty, and I thought I should probably put it on something, rather than just eating it alone.  The cake made an excellent vessel for the still-warm fudge sauce.

 Once refrigerated, Macho Fudge Sauce thickens right up, making it dollop-able.

 But when you leave it at room temperature it become spreadable, so we cut the cake in half and sandwiched some Macho Fudge Sauce in the middle.  And spread some on top.  Sure, this is a bit of a cheat - I just showed you the same cake with the same topping three times.  But it was gooood, so it deserves it.

 Andy made this chocolate-orange cake, with okara, and topped it off with a spiced orange glaze.  This was really good.
Bagels with sultanas and sunflower seed - great for breakfast, or a perfect afternoon snack.


Hananh said...

Would you be surprised to know that this is my favourite "things vegan eta" post so far? :D Except for the far-too-frequent mentions of orange and marmalade, but I'll forgive you that because PINEAPPLE MUFFINS and chocolate fudge sauce...

Claire said...

Yum thats all looks so good!

Millie said...

Hi sweety, I need your full vegan address so I can add you to my vegan blogroll. Can you please email it to me...I am also looking forward to seeing your Christmas cookies...thanks.

Girl on Raw said...

Yeah all of that looks pretty damn YUMMABLE. Thanks for sharing!

Millie said...

Ladies here is the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza schedule.

Remember to put a link on your blog sending your viewers to see your post on my blog. Please advertise your cookies being shown on my blog at least 5 days before your post goes on the air.

Nov. 1....Nuestra Cena-Vegan Cuisine...Caribbean Lemon filled Cookies

Nov. 5....... Hungry Vegan...Rosewater-Glazed Lemony Cranberry Cookies

Nove.11...Vegan Lovelie...Coconut Macaroons

Nov. 16...Nuestracena-Vegan Cuisine....Chocolate Strawberry Bars

Nov. 20...Tropical Vegan...Hopscotch Cookies

NOv. 26...Nuestracena-Vegan Cuisine...Peanut Butter Balls

Decc. 7....Blessed Vegan Life....Her cookie recipe has not arrived yet.

Dec.14...Nuestracena-Vegan Cuisine......Sugar Christmas Stars

Dec. 18.......Nuestracena-Vegan Cuisine...Guayaba Caribbean cookies

Dec.22...Caribbean Vegan in the Sun...her cookie reciepe has not arrived yet.

Dec. 27-31....A Grand Finale Cookie Display with all the cookies that have been posted throughput these 2 months.

Thank you ladies,

P.S. if the 2 other bloggers that wanted to join us sends their recipes before the 15th of Dec..., I will extend our Christmas Cookie Posts to Dec 31.

Lovingly, Millie

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Seglare said...

Those all look great! My eyes are specially glued to the Macho Fudge Sauce... ;)

Vaala ◪ said...

Ooo, I like cake! (and sweet bagels...the bakery round the road from us makes all sorts and I intend to go in there to get bread and plain bagels and always come out with the sweet ones instead!)

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

These desserts look so appetizing!!