Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lazy Crafternoons

Now that it's a bit cooler, I have picked up my crocheting again - having it in my lap keeps me warm, instead of making me unbearably hot.  I have a few unfinished projects leftover from last year, but instead of working on those I decided to start fresh!  And we have a few friends who are having babies soon - my vegan friend Matt and his wife Emma, and a colleague of Andy's.  New babies seems like a perfect excuse to crochet adorable things that I love making, but have little use for, myself.

For Andy's marine biologist friend, I made a big, stuffed clown fish.  

It's based on a pattern that I found online -- but was fairly unhappy with and had to make lots of changes, so I won't post the link.  At Andy's request, I made it like Nemo, with a 'special fin'.

For Matt and Emma, I made a farm yard menagerie.

A little pink piggie.

A chicken, who looks a bit like a cockatoo.

And a black sheep, with crazy eyes.

The thing I kind of love about crocheted stuffed toys is the fine line they sit on, between cute, and a little bit creepy.  Kind of like Tim Burton movies.  Now I'm working on a bag, but at the moment it is just a collection of small squares, so I won't post a work in progress photo.  But expect more crochet posts this winter!


Hannah said...

Squee!!! Too cute for words! "Nemo" was my very first thought too :)

Though I do think we should be seeing some more Australian natives... Show me a drop bear!

Emma said...

Aww the pig is my fav I think :) I love to crochet! I should dig out my (vast) collection of yarn and get on with it. It's awesome having an excuse to make cute things! A friend had a baby and I made some teensy little booties and a teensy hat. So cute (children aren't on my to do list so I gotta make baby things for others!)

Susan said...

Too cute! I have no natural knitting crocheting ability. You are so clever. :)
Make a kitten! Hee.

radioactivegan said...

I love your little barnyard animals! They are super cute. I love crocheting stuffed animals. They seem to work up really quickly and the structure of crochet makes it easy to see how everything shapes up as you go. Plus, they always end up so cute!

dreaminitvegan said...

These are too cute! I wish I was into crocheting sometimes.

Millie said...

these are adorable. Too bad you live so far away. My grand-daughter would love them.

Vaala ◪ said...

Haha! These are awesome! I love the black sheep...perhaps it's the kiwi in me! Please post more as you go along.

vko said...

Totally cockatoo-looking chicken, now you know you can make cockatoos- just with black beak & yellow for top of head....all too cute, love the menagerie!

Claire said...

Ahh lovely!
The piggy is my favorite!