Monday, May 02, 2011

Noodles. Oodles of them.

When I was a kid there was a poem that me and my sister *loved*.  I can't remember exactly how it goes; I've found this version by googling but something tells me it's not quite right - for one thing, I'm fairly certain our noodles poem was much longer.

I love noodles. Give me oodles.
Make a mound up to the sun.
Noodles are my favorite foodles.
I eat noodles by the ton. 

Whether or not that is the right poem, the point is that I have always loved noodles.  2-minute noodles, Top Ramen, whatever they are called in your neck of the woods -- we ate them for lunch every weekend and referred to them as "oodles of noodles".  As in, "I'm going to make some oodles of noodles, do you want some?"  Only I can't remember sharing, so that sentence may be wrong.

Although I avoid the heavily processed 2-minute noodles these days, I still love a good noodly meal.

This one is mung bean vermicelli, with shredded carrot and sweet potato (side note: if you haven't tried raw grated sweet potato in salads yet, what are you waiting for?!), green peas, some peanuts, and an asian-ish dressing of soy sauce and sesame oil and sweet chilli.  Yummy but still healthy, and a good weekend lunch.

Slightly less healthy, this is lemon-pepper seitan with a coconut cream sauce.  Some ceylon spinach added some greenery, and mixing this with noodles made it so morish.

And in the more stereotypical range, a veggie stirfry with peanut sauce.  I love peanut sauce so much, and this needed more!

Whenever we eat noodles, Andy tries to make sure I get enough veggies, or seitan, or whatever else is in the meal alongside the noodles -- I think that he thinks he's doing me a favour.  But really, if my bowl was 90% noodles, I would be happy with that.


Susan said...

Hurrah for noodles! I love them. Not the 2 Minute ones though, I got really ill after eating them several years ago and haven't been able to face them since.
I love the idea of grated raw potato in the noodles.

Hannah said...

Oooh, this is crazypants! For some reason, walking to work this morning, I started thinking abotu how I used to make Maggi 2-minute noodles after school in primary school, and how I've never had them since. I must've known you were working on thsi blog post! :P said...

I love noodles & that lemon seitan dish looks great.

Emma said...

We live for noodles. I sometimes just cook up some udon or something, blob soy sauce and sweet chilli on it and there's my lunch :) But I may make something similar to that first one today for lunch, it sounds goood.

Vaala ◪ said...

Hehe I love the bit about Andy trying to make sure you get enough veggies! Cute! But they all look very delicious. I don't have noodles all that much but this is making me want so. Pity there is no grocery shopping allowed on my agenda this week since I have to use up what I have! I'll have to make do with pasta shapes.

K said...

All looks yum. It's probably no surprise that I love them too. I'm also a big fan of peanut based sauces.

vko said...

I am Asian- I live for noodles! I can have noodles all the time- oodles of them, glad to see you share the noodle love.

dreaminitvegan said...

Love all your noodles!

What do those mung bean noodles taste like?

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Looks great, I love vegan noodle dishes.

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