Saturday, September 03, 2011

Soy Cheese

Andy was recently away for two weeks, diving for money in cold water.  Since I was home alone, I decided to splurge a little and impulsively bought some Kingland Soy Cheese.  We've bought this before and didn't hate it, but it isn't often for sale in our local shop, and in any case we're fairly unwilling to spend money on luxuries like soy cheese.  But, for whatever reason, I thought this would be a good idea.

I thought about the best way to make use of it, and settled on eggplant parma.  This was lazy-style -- I cooked the eggplant slices in a bit of oil in the frying pan until they were nice and soft.  Then I topped with a bit of jar sauce and a slice of soy cheese, and put it under the griller. 

As I was eating it, I congratulated myself on a super easypants dinner that was also yummy.  Except, every now and then I got a flash that wasn't so yummy.  So I tried a little nibble of the soy cheese on its own and ... it kind of tasted like puke.  Not good.

Later in the week, I tried making nachos, and came to the same conclusion.  With avocado, the cheese was tolerable.  But as a dominant flavour, it was totally vom-y.  After Andy came home, we tried it on pizza - I couldn't even finish it without picking off the cheese. 

Kingland Soy Cheese Fail.


the little one said...

Puke! Wow. That's seriously bad. Looks like your frugalness (word? frugality?) led you in the right direction before this darned sale!

Oscar said...

I bought some rice cheese yesterday (don't have the packaging any more so I forget the brand, possibly Galaxy?) and boy was that a mistake! I had a copy of The Uncheese Cookbook that I sadly returned to the library that same day -- before being able to try any of the "cheez" recipes -- and now more than ever do I feel like I'm missing out. Surely a nut-based cheez is much more positively flavourful! (Though a friend and I made one of the dip recipes [don't remember which at the moment] and we both thought it smelled awful and tasted almost that bad too...)

Possibly I've had dairy cheese too recently -- I'm a new convert to veganism -- so the differences are more pronounced but something about so-called uncheese, at least those that I've tried, is simply... off. Strangely, however, I recall thinking Daiya made good stuff!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

So fun reading about all of the different vegan cheezes out there!!! Can't believe there are SO many out there!

Emma said...

I've never bought that kind of soy cheese before, even though it's always the cheapest...I think it just has a dodgy feel about it :P so now I know, hahaha, thankyou. Cheezly has it's (expensive) moments, but overall the stuff I make myself tastes best!

Susan said...

I'm not too fond of the Kingland stuff, though I can eat it (but it turns out I have an incredibly high tolerance for vegan cheeze products). Cheezly is good, but Sheese is my favourite. It is stable at room temperature, so if you want to try some let me know and I an post some Sheese up to you. :D

Kari said...

How disappointing - especially when soy products often don't come cheap. I have never liked cheese, so didn't really eat it even before I reduced my dairy intake. It's good to know I don't need to contemplate trying soy in case it's better than the dairy variety!