Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Chilli Tofu

A few weeks ago, Andy and I were perusing the shelves at our local grocery store when we happened upon an intense mark-down. Singapore sweet chili-marinated tofu steaks. Normally more expensive than we are willing to spend. Reduced to 20 flipping cents.

We couldn't resist, as we can't whenever we see something reduced to 20 cents, and we bought the whole lot.

Now we have a freezer full of tofu which is pretty tasty, and makes an easy addition to a meal.  It just needs to be heated up quickly in a frying pan, and it goes wonderfully with veggies.

It's a good add-in to a stir fry.

 And if you cook it on hot enough heat, it sort of caramelizes, making the perfect accompaniment to pan-fried potatoes and mushrooms.
Now, we just have 15 or so more to get through!


Kari said...

This is hilarious - my supermarket had this exact flavour for $1 the other week :P It's always been too expensive for me to try too but I made an exception at that price (although now I'm thinking I may have been ripped off! Where's my 20c?).

I only had the 1 packet but did find it extremely easy and versatile - almost enough to convince me the full price may be worth it in future. Perhaps.

Emma said...

Haha my supermarket only ever takes a few cents off the price :(

I like to eat that tofu straight from the packet. It's also awesome on a sandwich :)

Theresa said...

We had this on burgers yesterday for lunch and were discussing our price limit for this... I think up to $1.50 each would be worth buying a handful (maybe not 20), but any more than that and we're too thrifty (tightasses).

Hannah said...

You have *no* idea how often I look in my local Coles to find marked-down flavoured tofus. NEVER. Never ever. I'm so envious; 20c! Always just the plain firm for me... Why won't some of it almost-go-off already?!

nadiwoo said...

Stupid inner city Sydney coles is a jerk when it comes to marking down tofu, as in they just don't do it.

And +1000 for eating straight from the packet! Easiest lunch EVER!

Claire said...


Susan said...

Say what? 20 cents? That is amazing! I have never seen anything reduced that much before. I probably would have bought the whole lot too.