Sunday, March 11, 2012


Having a blender/mixer thingie has revolutionised the way we cook.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a leetle bit. Or perhaps I'm exaggerating a whole awful lot. But a blender is better than a stick blender for things aside from smoothies.  Things like...

Tofu mayo. Caper and garlic chive flavoured. Which made a totally beautiful potato salad dressing.

And pesto. Yeah yeah, pesto is totally make-able, and arguably better, when done by hand in a mortar and pestle, but let's be honest. I haven't made pesto by hand in years, so a blender is pretty awesome. Plus, Andy went on a field trip which was wayyyy over-catered, and brought home some pinenuts. So we stuck those into our little "Magic Bullet-ish" attachment with some basil, garlic, salt and olive oil, tossed it onto gnocchi, and dinner took less than 10 minutes total.

Chocolate mousse! Though, this version probably doesn't deserve an exclamation mark. It should have been good - 1 block of silken tofu; 100gms of dark chocolate, melted; a big scoop of peanut butter; a shake of cinnamon. Blended. But it was just missing some essential sweetness. The bitterness of the chocolate overpowered everything else, so that you couldn't even taste peanut butter or cinnamon. So, no win there, but lots of ideas for future mousse experiments. And, smooth & fluffy-riffic, thanks to the blender.

Despite being disappointing, it was still good to eat with some Soyatoo whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. Because really, what isn't?

And I will leave you with this photo of Andy draining the final dregs of the Soyatoo, which were no longer aerated and tasted overwhelmingly sweet and vanilla-y. 
You'll have to ask him if this was a good life choice or not.


Kari said...

Hehehe, that last picture is great :D Also, I think that mousse definitely deserves an exclamation mark! The fluffiness is beautiful - your blender is clearly doing great things.

radioactivegan said...

Let us know when you perfect that mousse recipe! It looks delicious. Maybe a milder chocolate would serve it well.

Hannah said...

That was definitely a good life choice. Go Andy!

P.S. I would've drizzled extra peanut butter on the mousse with the sprinkles :D

Emma said...

Bahahahaha @ Andy. That mousse looks great! How about adding a bit of maple syrup for sweetening?

Gina said...

¡Viva la Revolución!