Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In Hobart

This was our first trip to Tasmania, and we'd been pretty busy throughout the year and didn't really have as much time to plan as we probably needed. So we sort of decided to just wing it - see what we came across in Hobart, hire a car while we were there if we felt like it. This is a good relaxing way to travel, but in hindsight it would have been worth hiring a car straight from the airport and driving around a bit more.

We spent a few days poking around Hobart, though, which was fun in a slow way. The city feels very British, and in a lot of ways looks like New England. There were flowers everywhere, which made me sniffle and sneeze in a way that tropical plants do not.
The garden at our apartment.

Our first goal, when we arrived on Friday around lunch time, was to find some food. I had familiarised myself with Where's the Beef's Hobart posts, and wrote down lots of places we might go. Luckily the Hobart city centre is really quite compact, so we didn't need to spend hours walking around before we came upon Mo Mo Bubble Tea and Coffee House. Of course we got bubble tea - Andy a mulberry tea and me an apple tea, with pearls to fill us up.

But despite the extensive list of tea choices, I was most impressed with the burgers. I had a vegan fish burger.

It was amazingly flaky and tasted a lot like tuna salad, in a pleasant way.

Andy had a chicken schnitzel burger, which he liked a whole lot better than his chicken burger from Lord of the Fries.

After that we sought out the waterfront, and then found a grocery store. Since it was cold, and since we were in an apartment with a kitchen, we figured we would eat lunch out most days but have breakfast and dinner at home. I think I'll do a separate post about our self-catering efforts. 

Saturday morning we made the obligatory visit to Salamanca Markets. We were a bit unsure what to expect - some people said they were overrated, others said they're fantastic. We really liked the markets. We spent a good few hours wandering through the stalls looking at the wares on offer, tasting samples of olives and jams wherever we could, and basking in the warm-ish sun.

I got a pie for lunch from the Summer Kitchen Bakery stall - a lentil shepherd's pie. It came with chutney, and I liked it well enough. I've had few occasions in my life to eat a takeaway pie like this so it was a bit of an experience.

We wandered around some more, looking at things like boats.

And on our walk back to our apartment in North Hobart, we passed a vet clinic with the most adorable exterior painting job.

Sunday we headed out to another market, this one focused on produce. The Farm Gate Market was a little smaller than I expected, but full of potatoes and broad beans and Asian greens. There was a burrito stall that sold vegan burritoes, and a cake stall that sold a vegan muesli slice, but we were there early and had just eaten breakfast so we didn't sample any of these offerings.

More wandering around Hobart had us marveling at how vibrantly green everything was.

Then we happened upon a designer's market full of beautiful wood working, glass, paintings, and other works of art. And a pastry stall. I got a potato and red lentil samosa, and Andy had a kale and pumpkin pie.

And then a little bit more wandering and we discovered there was a free shuttle bus out to the Cascade Brewery, in honour of some birthday or other. There wasn't really much information around, but we each got a token for a 50cent beer, so we sat on the lawn and listened to jazz and took it pretty easy for the afternoon.

On Monday we went to the botanical gardens. My camera batteries were flat, and also I wanted to die from all the sneezing and hay fevering, so I have no photos. But they were the best botanical gardens Andy or I have visited. Lots of variety, and it was a warm sunny day, so we enjoyed ourselves even though Pete's Patch, our main attraction, was under construction. We had lunch at Dumpling World, which was all right.

The next few days we drove, getting out of Hobart to see what else was around. As beautiful as it was, Hobart city was perhaps a wee bit boring, but a great way to spend a relaxing week.


Anonymous said...

wow you had great food! I liked Mo Mo :)

Susan said...

I was in Hobart for the first time a few years ago and I was quite happy with the food I ate there. Looks like we ate at different places, so even more options!

Cindy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed MoMo as much as I did! Hobart has several really great weekday lunch mock meat places but, as you observed, not a heck of a lot to do either side of lunch. :-/

We'll be back for a mini-holiday in January, I'll be sure to pack my anti-histamines.

Kari said...

Your vegan fish burger looks and sounds excellent! I liked Hobart a lot but was fortunate not to have sneezing difficulties...I hope they were short lived :S said...

Gosh, that first picture really does look like it could've been taken in a village in England!! The burgers looks so damn good, fishy burgers are always my favourite so I'll be ordering that if I ever make it to Hobart!

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