Saturday, December 14, 2013


Right at the end of semester, late enough that I could conceivably get *all* my work done for the year before I left, I had a conference in Melbourne to attend. And one day in the middle of the year I got an email about cheap flights between Melbourne and Hobart. So I decided that Andy would meet me in Melbourne and together we would go to Tasmania for a purely holiday trip.

While I was in Melbourne, almost all of my time was spent at the conference - from dinner on Sunday night, a meeting all day Monday, welcome drinks that evening, conference followed by Women's Drinks on Tuesday, and then the conference dinner on Wednesday. Thursday I wagged, since Andy had arrived, and we did a little exploring.

I made sure that we were near a Lord of the Fries for lunch. I had a Mini Mark burger and Andy got a chicken parma burger (which he didn't love, actually). The real star of the show was the "French Canadian Fries", aka poutine, aka chips covered in vegan cheese and gravy. 

Then it started raining, which was boo. So we decided to skip seeing a beach (any beach - Andy's request) and instead took the tram to Prahran Market where we sought out the Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop stall. There were a handful of cupcake varieties, some cinnamon buns, brownies, and raw cheesecakes, and it was legitimately difficult to decide what to get. In the end I got a full sized Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake, because duh. Andy tried a bite and said it wasn't any better than my cupcakes, which was a nice compliment and probably not true. It was good. Very good. And gluten free - my attempts at GF baking are never that delicious, that's for sure.

We also grabbed a half-dozen baby cupcakes to bring back with us. We were staying with an acquaintance who invited us to have dinner with her, her partner, her son and his partner. Since they are wine people and we would have embarrassed ourselves trying to choose a proper bottle, and since I love cupcakes, this was our contribution to the dinner. These are - vanilla lavender at the top, apple pie in the middle, and "unicorn" at the bottom. 

I think these were generally enjoyed by everyone. I had a Unicorn cupcake, which I suspect contains no real unicorn. It did contain rainbow sprinkles, both on top and in the batter (like Funfetti cake!). And the pink icing tasted like some kind of berry-ish thing. Andy had one of the apple pie cakes. He thought they were overpriced, but he's a bit grinchy sometimes.

Here's another shot of cupcakes from another angle, because cupcakes. 

Friday morning we headed straight to the airport and then had almost a full week to explore Hobart and its surrounds. I'll post about that soon. 


Kate said...

Mmmm those cupcakes look great! My partner always says my cupcakes are nicer when we buy vegan cupcakes out- probably out of fear that if he praises the bought ones too much he'll be in trouble :) and those fries, wow! Lord of the fries has opened in Sydney now so can't wait to try it!

Joey said...

I have never tried poutine, but I am a hundred percent convinced it would be love at first bite. Love the name lord of the fries! And yes, those cupcakes look rocking.

Kari said...

What excellent timing to have this at the end of semester. I'm glad you managed to get a bit of free time in Melbourne and can't wait to hear about your time in Tasmania!

Hannah said...

That vegan poutine and a mini burger are the only things I've tried from LOTF. Must track down vegan poutine here in, you know, actual Canada. said...

Cupcakes and poutine, such an awesome day of eating. I really hope I can visit Melbourne one day!

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