Friday, April 27, 2007

Mexican Lasagna

Andy is off diving this weekend, so I get the house to myself. Woo hoo! This is actually the first time we've been apart overnight since I got back to Australia--11 months ago. I'll miss him and stuff, but I'm so looking forward to having some alone time. I'm going to listen to girly music and eat cookies and all that stuff.

Here's a picture of some food that Andy made a week or two. It got stuck on the camera when the batteries died, and then it got shuffled to the bottom of the folder, hence why it's so late. This is a Mexican-style bake that he calls "Mexican Lasagna". Layers of spicy, tomato-y veggies and refried beans, between layers of tortillas. The topping is crunched-up stale hard taco shells. We had some lime-y, garlicky avocado on the side to take away some of the spice from our mouths, and since the oven was on, we threw in some tater tots as well!

We have some variation of this meal about once a week. Sometimes the beans and veggies are mixed, wrapped up in tortillas and covered in salsa before they're baked. Sometimes it's layered like this. Other times we just eat burritos or tacos the regular way. We <3 Mexican food, however bastardised this is.


bazu said...

Yep. We eat Mexican food, in various degrees of bastardization, at least once a week. LOVE it.

Amy said...

We love Mexican food as well - but when I cook it, it seems to be an exercise in opening cans:
For the burritos:
1 can Casserole Mince (Sanitarium)
1 can refried beans (Old El Paso)
1 can Mexi Beans (Old El Paso)
1 bottle burrito sauce (Coles Brand)
For the guacamole
1 Avocado
4 Tbsp Tofutti Cream Cheese
1 Packet Old El Paso Guacamole


Amy said...

Hey Theresa - I saw that you added me to the blogs you read - it's the first time that someone's linked me EVER!!! I just did a very silly dance....
Have you visited the GBRMPA aquarium yet? It's really cool (but I haven't been there since 1998?).... Are there any vegetarian places in T'ville yet?

Theresa said...

I thought I used a lot of canned food for Mexican night--but I only do tinned refried beans (the cheapo brand), tinned tomatoes, and a bit of pre-made 'mexican seasoning'. It's such a satisfying meal, though, for being so easy! Tofutti cream cheese in guacamole... I'm intrigued.

And, I think there is one vegetarian cafe in Townsville, but it serves SO MUCH cheese that very few items looked veganizable. Plus, it's open stupid hours, like everything in this city. We rarely eat out, and when we do it's usually at a non-vegan place (usually Thai or Indian, since vegan food is easy to finangle there).

I went to the aquarium when I was here a few years ago--Reef HQ these days. I thought it was cool, but kinda small considering how expensive it is. I <3 the museum of tropical north queensland next door, though.

KleoPatra said...

In San Diego, you HAVE to eat Mexican food or they make you move to Los Angeles. i'm a fan!!