Monday, April 23, 2007

A weekend in food...

On Saturday morning I had to go to the Women's Centre for something really cool, which I'll give its own post in a day or two. To get my creative juices flowing, I started off with a nice big brekky.

Now that it's cooling off a bit here, it's citrus season. I've been getting massive, super red grapefruits from the markets, 3 for $2. This one was only 50 cents. I found out why when I cut it open:

White grapefruit is still nice, but not when you've been having sweet, juicy red ones all week. Grapefruit hardly filled me up at all, so I followed it up with a small bowl of cereal. I didn't feel like NutriGrains or CornFlakes or Meusli, so I just stuck with the Vitabrits. Americans, think Shredded Wheat, but the wheat is pressed instead of shredded. They come in little bricks, which I usually break up and put underneath whatever other cereal I'm having. They're also nice cut in half and spread with vegan buttah and vegemite. But Saturday, I put a teensy bit of my auntie's homemade maple syrup on the brits, and covered them with soy milk.

Somehow, I still wasn't super full, so I had a bit of toast as well. Multigrain bread with Nuttelex (vegan margarine, based on non-hydrogenated sunflower oil). On top of the Nuttelex, I put Vegemite on one piece of toast, and tomato sauce on the other. Andy stole nearly half of each piece of toast.

And no breakfast would be complete without a pot of hot black tea. Here's our shiny teapot with its friends, the kettle and the old spaghetti jar full of tea leaves.

If you rub it, maybe a genie will come out?

After that three course breakfast, I went off to my cool thing at the Women's Centre. Andy picked me up in the early afternoon, and we had some yummy avocado on multigrain toast for lunch. Then we went grocery shopping, where we found some strawberries marked down to $2.

We ate a few, and then put the rest in the fridge for later. Dinner was baked eggplant (with some herbs & spices, and breadcrumbs), grilled sliced potatoes (again with spices, and cooked under the griller/broiler), and some super garlicky, creamy silverbeet (marked down to $1 at the grocery store). The eggplant was a bit plain, because I was planning on covering it with sweet chilli sauce before it baked--but we were out. But it was yummy when you took an eggplant bite and a silverbeet bite at the same time.

After dinner, we did some Winsor Pilates together (ouch!), and to reward ourselves we had some ice cream. The strawberries from earlier, sliced plus a little sugar, and half a baggie of frozen mango, made a good topping. Chocolate and vanilla So Good Bliss ice cream, plus fruit topping and crushed peanuts made for a really nice end to Saturday.

Sunday was boring food day; cereal for breakfast, fruit and hot cross buns for lunch. For dinner Andy made his favorite veggie burgers. The bulk of it is mashed potato, and there is all kinds of veggies mixed in: zucchini, carrot, spinach, garlic chives, and beans. Underneat the patty is beetroot, cucumber and tomato. On top is some sauteed onions, and on the other side of the bun is some mashed avocado and tomato sauce.

Now it's Monday morning, and time to get back into the swing of things. But there is something to look forward to this week... public holiday on Wednesday!!


bazu said...

I often have the same experience with brekkie- I start with something small. Then want more. and more! I usually eat breakfast and lunch within a couple of hours of one another, but that gets evened out because I'm hardly ever too hungry at night. It took me a long time before I started listening to my body's signals- it just wants more food in the morning and less food at night, dammit!

Urban Vegan said...

I've never tried vegemite--what's it like?

Adorable teapot...

Theresa said...

Vegemite is super salty, and has a really strong taste. It's actually made from the leftover sludge in the beer brewing process, so it's super yeasty and full of B vitamins. It's the sort of food you have to try 3 or 4 times--the first couple tastes are usually too full on. The other thing you need to make sure of is that you don't use too much. A teeeeensy bit goes a long way.

Marmite is similar (british, I think) but slightly sweeter and less tangy. Both are good with Nuttelex or Earth Balance, on Ryvita crackers.

Vegemite makes a good base for stocks and gravy as well. So if you get some and hate it, you can always cook with it!

KleoPatra said...

Let's hear it for big breakfasts! YEAH! Never heard of Vitabrits. We get Wheatabix from my sis in London tho... they're dry but you can put all sorts of stuff on 'em. Must be like what you have with the Vitabrits!

Your aunt makes maple syrup? Wow. With soy milk on the little bricks? Nice.

Let me know if the genie comes out. i have a couple of wishes for him...

What's it like doin' the Winsor Pilates? i saw an infomercial/commercial for it years and years ago, late night... i think hosted by Carmen Electra or someone like her... it looked challenging!

Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns, one a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross Buns. i've never had 'em... Andy's veggie burgers sound groovy!! Beetroot??? Not sure what that is!