Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pita Pizza

Last night for dinner we had some little pizzas with pita breads for the crust. This is a super quick, super easy way to do pizza. We toast the pitas a bit under the griller (broiler), then take them out, flip them over (so the crispy side is on the bottom), and top them. Then lower the heat on the griller (or oven, whichever) and put the pita pizzas back in for a few minutes, to let the toppings heat up. If you had vegan cheese (which is impossible to get in Townsville), you would presumably wait for that to melt.

For an entree (appetiser) we had pizza sauce, shallots (scallions), avocado and tomato. Yum. I meant to take a photo, but got too excited and only remembered when there were a few bites left.

The main course pizzas featured pizza sauce, tofu ricotta, shallots, black olives, pineapple, green capsicum and fresh tomato.

I'm surprised that Andy refrained from eating for long enough for me to take this picture. He loves pita pizzas.

And he hates shirts. Has anyone noticed that, in every picture I have of him, he is topless? He complains about being cold, but he scoffs at any suggestion of putting clothes on.


bazu said...

Hee hee, shirtless and cold! Kind of like us here in the frozen north, our feet are cold, but we won't put on socks. Go figure

Anonymous said...

i think andy is really cool, theresa i'm not so sure about...

but andy rocks