Friday, May 18, 2007


It's getting cold. I have well and truly acclimatised to tropical summers. I love warmth. On the bright side, cooler weather means more and cheaper variety at both the markets and the grocery store. Last week broccoli was on special for $2 a kilo, and bunches of broccolini were marked down to 50 cents. We've been having lots of broccoli this week.

Last night, Andy and I were both feeling a bit rundown--not quite sick, but certainly not healthy. Earlier in the week I saw a recipe for Barley and Cannelini bean soup with Broccoli and Tomatoes, from The Vegan Gourmet cookbook. I figured soup would be a good way to warm us up from the inside and get us back to healthy. I mostly followed the recipe, with a few changes. I didn't have dried cannelini beans, so I used one tin of borlottis and one (small) tin of butter beans. I added a bit of zucchini and red capsicum, and used parsley and rosemary instead of oregano. The results were hearty and delicious:

Broccoli, barley, butter beans, borlotti beans, and broth. That's a lotta bees, yo. The recipe made so much, too! I have some for lunch today, plus we have enough for another small meal for the two of us. Maybe next time I'll cut the recipe in half, or squeeze some in to my teeny freezer. We served the soup with whole grain toast and lemon-ginger tea, to complete the warming effect.

By the end of dinner, I didn't notice the cold!


b36Kitchen said...

soup is a good idea. i'll have to make some this weekend..we are feeling a bit run down as well here too..exactly the same like you..not quite sick..but not healthy. feel better!


Amy said...

Cold? T'ville? Surely you jest! Soup looks gooooooooooood

RV Amy said...

Yes, there's nothing like soup. I love the idea of ginger tea with it. I like making gazpacho in the summer--it's basically just a bunch of tomatoes and veggies pureed in a blender and you can feel the nutrients going through your system.

The cookbook "The Voluptuous Vegan" has great soup recipes.

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bazu said...

Well, I'd love to say I can't sympathize with your cooling weather, since the northern hemisphere is supposedly going into summer... but it's totally cold here and that soup sounds delicious! Pffft- you know how upstate NY can be...

Theresa said...

I should clarify--cold is relative, really. At night it gets to around 20 C (65-ish F), sometimes lower. I know that doesn't seem cold, especially considering I come from NY, but after months of 30+ temps (80s and 90s F), including 2 months of living only 5 degrees off the equator, I can NOT handle cold anymore. I'm ruined, I can really never go home again.