Friday, May 11, 2007


I've had a pretty hectic few days. I started tutoring on Wednesday, but tutoring here is not the one-on-one help that it is in the US. It's more like running a small class. Most subjects here have a lecture for 1 or 2 hours, with 50-300 students all taking notes as they are talked at. Then they get together in tutorials, which are groups of 5 to 20 students and their is discussion, or activities, or whatever. I got hired for a casual tutoring job, for a health science research methods subject. After 9 weeks of quantitative methods, I get to tell them about qualitative methods for 3 weeks. I have four tutorial sessions, with varying disciplines (speech pathology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy) and varying numbers of students. Most of them are about 3 years younger than me--but some are probably my same age.

In addition to the health science stuff, on Wednesday I filled in for the Intro to Soc tutor, and I'll be doing that for at least another week (probably for the rest of the semester). So Wednesday, I tutored for two hours in the morning, did a bit of work, tutored in the afternoon, then had to go to a writing program that all international students are required to attend. It's mostly teaching you how to write in a non-native language--but English is my first language, so it's a bit of a waste of time. Thursday I tutored, then had a department seminar that lasted FOREVER. And I had to ride my bike home afterwards. I've been tired.

I was really happy when I came home to the smell of cooking yesterday. Andy was planning some wraps, since we had some Lebanese flatbreads that needed using. He roasted up some potatoes, eggplant and zucchini tossed with olive oil and lots of herbs. I made a quick avocado spread. Andy chopped some salad vegetables, and threw together a tabbouleh-like-dish using couscous. The breads were hard to wrap and made a mess, but they were yummy.

For breakfast, I had the pinkest grapefruit I've ever seen:
It was super juicy, too.


b36Kitchen said...

i wish i could come home to the smell of food husband has that pleasure.


Urban Vegan said...

The wrap sound rapturous!

Hope things get easier for you--sounds like you have a full load.

Emmie said...

ANything wrapped in bread HAS to be good, but this sounds REALLY yummy.

Hope things get less hectic for you soon.

bazu said...

Wraps sound so good right now! Shirtless chef is really coming through for you, isn't he? Very cool. I hope you have less of a stressful week coming up. That grapefruit is gorgeous!