Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Saturday we found some TVP on special at Woolie's, so we grabbed it. (It was still $2 for a small-ish box, which is pretty dear, but Andy wanted to try it.) I tried to think of the best use for TVP crumbles, where it would add the right kind of texture without being creepy or overbearing. I thought about pasta sauce, or the yummy TVP + vegannaise Chick'n Salads I used to make at home, when the idea hit me--Chilli!

I flipped through Vegan Planet for inspiration, since Robin Robertson has a pretty substantial chilli section in there, and I found a few, but I knew that the Back Yard Barbecue Chilli was the perfect recipe. Andy <3's BBQ sauce, this recipe was easy and looked flavourful. I mostly followed the recipe, except that I used a few more spices, and I added 1 carrot and a handful of raisins. We served it over rice, topped with Green Onions and Parsley:

It was pretty good--the brown sugar in the recipe complements the spiciness perfectly. If we'd had a ripe avocado, I would have put that on top to add a creamy element, but alas, they were all rock-hard.

I found out dinner that the TVP contains milk, a hidden ingredient in the 'flavours'. So Aussie vegans, don't buy Sanitarium brand TVP. Jerks.


Urban Vegan said...

chili always hits the spot, doesn't it?

Amy said...

The Jerks @ Sanitarium also have started putting milk into NotBurgers. Why? They were so tasty! I'd seriously consider blacklisting Sanitarium, but they make good soy icecream.... The chili looks great tho!