Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Saturday we found some TVP on special at Woolie's, so we grabbed it. (It was still $2 for a small-ish box, which is pretty dear, but Andy wanted to try it.) I tried to think of the best use for TVP crumbles, where it would add the right kind of texture without being creepy or overbearing. I thought about pasta sauce, or the yummy TVP + vegannaise Chick'n Salads I used to make at home, when the idea hit me--Chilli!

I flipped through Vegan Planet for inspiration, since Robin Robertson has a pretty substantial chilli section in there, and I found a few, but I knew that the Back Yard Barbecue Chilli was the perfect recipe. Andy <3's BBQ sauce, this recipe was easy and looked flavourful. I mostly followed the recipe, except that I used a few more spices, and I added 1 carrot and a handful of raisins. We served it over rice, topped with Green Onions and Parsley:

It was pretty good--the brown sugar in the recipe complements the spiciness perfectly. If we'd had a ripe avocado, I would have put that on top to add a creamy element, but alas, they were all rock-hard.

I found out dinner that the TVP contains milk, a hidden ingredient in the 'flavours'. So Aussie vegans, don't buy Sanitarium brand TVP. Jerks.


Urban Vegan said...

chili always hits the spot, doesn't it?

Amy said...

The Jerks @ Sanitarium also have started putting milk into NotBurgers. Why? They were so tasty! I'd seriously consider blacklisting Sanitarium, but they make good soy icecream.... The chili looks great tho!

Sian said...

OK - that's tonight's dinner sorted! Love chilli