Monday, September 17, 2007

Ahhh, the weekend

Amazing weekend. Good food, good fun, good music. But my camera batteries died.

Friday night we had fajitas featuring the Real Food Daily seitan chicken (thanks, Anna!). I'd heard the seitan can be dry, so I marinated it in some lime juice and spices, and it was delish. But no pictures.

Saturday we woke up early and caught a ferry to Magnetic Island.

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It's only a 20 minute ride off Townsville, but I haven't been over there since I was studying abroad here as an undergrad. This weekend, though, was the Great Tropical Jazz Party, a 3-day music festival. Andy entered me in a contest, and I won two free tickets, so we went over and had a day of cheap entertainment. Before the jazz started at midday, we went to Alma Bay for a bit of swimming and sunbaking.

I took this picture three years ago, but it still basically looks the same. The water was super clear this weekend, and cold, but we went for a quick swim and then climbed up on some of those rocks and soaked up some vitamin D.

For lunch, we had some PB&J sandwiches, and we picked up a carton of soy yogurt which we ate with bananas instead of spoons. Then it was on to the jazz!

Imagine: sitting in the sun, feet dangling in the pool, drinking a cold beer, kookaburras and cockatoos flying around, listening to great jazz with some friends. Have I mentioned I love the tropics?

We got back to Townsville in time for a late dinner at Chilli Jam, a noodle bar. I got the Udon Noodles with plum and pineapple sauce. Andy got a 'hot and spicy box' with hokkien noodles. Both yummy, and relatively cheap. We wondered why anyone would eat McDonald's when healthy spicy noodles cost a similar amount of money...

The camera batteries are charged again, so stay tuned for some Sunday food photos!


urban vegan said...

OMG. Australia sounds like a slice of paradise. I need to get there one day, sooner rather than later.

The Little Vegan said...

Vegan Nerds Unite!

Australia looks beautiful! Just like Urban Vegan, I would loooove to go someday soon... maybe we can have a vegan-blogger meet-up :o).