Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mac&Yeast and Veggie Burgers

During my second-last semester of uni, my friend Nicole and I would make vegan mac'n'cheese just about every week. At first we started simple, then we experimented with different veggies mixed in, and then we used the sauce for everything we could think of--sandwiches, dip, etc. The only problem was the name. The sauce didn't really taste like cheese, but was delicious in its own right. One of our friends called it "Mac'n'Sneeze", but something about that name just doesn't sound appetising. But when my professor, Bob, called it Mac and Yeast, we had a winner.

Since I've been basically a year without nutritional yeast, however, I haven't had it in a long, long time. So now that we've found a local source of the delicious yellow powder, Mac and Yeast is back on the menu. This time, with broccoli stems, zucchini and red capsicum mixed in, and topped with a healthy layer of toasted bread crumbs.

Last night Andy made me a veggie burger with lots of toppings. A toasted bun with beetroot, cucumber, tomato, red capsicum, a little yeasty sauce, mustard, tomato sauce and bbq sauce. The patty is mashed potato, spinach, carrots, garlic, and a bit of gluten flour mixed in, coated in polenta and baked.
It's really starting to heat up here in Townsville, so expect many more summery foods for the next few months...


Vegetation said...

Mmmm I adore vegan mac and cheese which is funny cause I never liked the dairy version much at all!

And that burger looks and sounds delicious. I'm looking forward to the summery foods too. Feeling really stodgy by now and hanging out for some salady/fresh veggie type things.

Emmie said...

I'd go mad without my nutrotional yeast. I actually just ran out and now it feels like there's nothing I can cook! Everything I get a craving for requires nutritional yeast. I've actually never had mac n cheese or mac n yeast. I keep saying I'll try it soon but the truth is it scares me a little.