Monday, September 24, 2007

Great big soymilk post

It's lecture recess, so I have no tutoring this week. I should still be working on my paper, but first, which Australian soy milks are worth trying? (I think I have my priorities straight, no?) All of these are the long-life kinds, because the fresh stuff is too dear and it doesn't taste any different in my opinion.

I'll start with our favourites. You'll Love Coles brand 'soy drink'. Regular price is $1.50/litre, and on special every few weeks for $1.30. Creamy, beany, and delicious. Coles Lite is the only low-fat soy milk I have *ever* liked. It tastes just about as good as the full-fat. The cartons are a bit annoying, and sometimes leak. The blonde lady on the full-fat soymilk looks like my high school friend, Bria. In terms of flavour, texture, and price, You'll Love Coles is hands down, the best soy milk you can find in Australia.

Australia's Own. Normally around $4 a litre, reduced to clear for $1. The flavour is good and beany, the texture is creamy (sometimes lumpy), but it's not quite as good as Coles. Neither Andy nor I can pinpoint exactly why, but Andy reckons "Even if the price is the same, I would go with Coles".

Smooth White used to be Andy's favourite, back when he first started drinking soy milk. It tastes the least beany of any soy milk I've tried. For people who like the taste of cow milk, Smooth White is probably the best buy. Normally around $2/litre.

Vitasoy Soy Milky. This soy milk is the best in terms of packaging. The lid is twist-off, instead of the little foil thing and plastic latch that most of the rest have. The soymilk itself is mediocre. It leaves a funny aftertaste. It's almost... too sweet. Screws up tea, because the aftertaste overwhelms you. Okay on cereal. Around $2.20/litre.

Vitasoy Lush Chocolate. So. Damn. Good. Chocolatey and rich, but less fat than plain soy milk. We got this one, reduced to clear, for $1.50. Normally more than $2/litre. If you have a chocolate craving, this soy milk is a good way to feed it. Yum, yum, yum.

Woolworth's Home Brand Soy Drink. $1.50/litre. In terms of packaging, this soy milk is a big fat loser. I know the white/black/red is Home Brand's 'thing', but seriously, it looks disgusting. And to open it, you have to stab it with the back-end of a spoon. Once it's opened, it gurgles when you pour, so it splashes all over. The milk itself is sort of sweet, with an almost honey-like taste, but it's not great for tea. Good on cereal, but especially for oatmeal or pancakes. Despite the annoying packaging, we usually have some of this on hand because it's so cheap.

And, finally (so Vegetation and the other soy-frees don't feel left out!), PureHarvest Rice Milk. I love rice milk, because it's thin and sweet and great for drinking plain. But it's usually much dearer than soy milk, so we only buy it on special. I think this was marked down to $1.80/litre. Andy hates rice milk, for the same reasons that I love it. Not good for tea, as it makes it look watery.

I know there are heaps of other brands, but we only buy soy milk that is cheap, so these are the ones I've tried! What's your favourite soy milk? Do you prefer a beany taste, a creamy texture, a bit of sweetness?


Anonymous said...

theresa should get back to work and stop screwen around

Anonymous said...


Theresa said...

Maybe "anonymous" should do the same ;)

What's your favourite soymilk, freak?

Veganista said...

I enjoyed this post! I STILL haven't tried the Coles brand, mainly cuz I do my regular shopping at Woolies. Must get some, it's a fair bit cheaper than the Vitasoy Calciplus or So Good stuff I buy usually...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that Vitasoy Lush Chocolate too. I can drink it by the multiple glassful--and I don't yet do that with any other soy milk. It's great with espresso for a hot mocha drink. I tried the lush vanilla this weekend and don't like it nearly so much. A friend says the strawberry flavour is nice.

Yeah, ha, I should get back to work too. Thesis

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

the packaging on Cole's looks funny. i need to experiment with different soy milks. i always default to Silk out of habit. we have a store brand thats pretty good too.

kristy said...

My fav plain soymilk is bonso by far its so creamy, but its too expensive to buy regularly.

My fav flavoured soy milk is sogood (choc or vanilla). I think the choc vitasoy tastes strange in comparison but I will drink it if they have sold out of sogood.

We normally buy regular soy milk based on price and whether or not it is made with whole soy beans (as opposed to soy protein) and has 0 preservatives and 'flavours' and added calcium and so we generally buy pure harvest 'Nature's Soy' with added calcium and iron. Does coles or safeway brands fit these criteria?

You should check out

Vegetation said...

Awww you did a rice milk review just for me? (well not JUST for me but you know....).

Back before I knew soy milk made me sick the fresh So Milky was my absolute favourite. I thought it tasted pretty close to cows milk. Sadly it was also the highest in sugar and other junk. Oh and the fresh chocolate die for! (Sigh, soy milk how I miss thee, sucks to not be able to have something you love so much!).

As for other milks, funny enough, despite being vegetarian, I don't drink cows milk unless it's in coffee. I do drink Vitasoy Protein Enriched Rice Milk (enriched with chickpeas) because it's the least sweet rice milk I've found and is a bit thicker and less watery.

Otherwise you already know from my blog I love home made almond and hazelnut milk (the pre packaged one's are kind of icky though, the almond in particular tastes stale or something).

Amy said...

Wow! V. thorough!

We're a SoGood household - SoGood Essentials is rad (and it's full of extra goodness like iron & calcium). The strawberry SoGood is my favourite!

Jackie said...

Sadly the brands here in South Africa that were made from organic soy beans have been taken over by a GMO company (although they don't state that on their labels) so I am now trying to make my own from organic soy beans. As we don't have soy milk makers here and I cannot afford to import I am not doing too well but each batch is getting better and better as I fix the mishaps I make LOL

Kumudha said...

It is so nice to see soy products from other countries.

I like trader joe's soy milk which is available only in some states of united states.

I guess silk brand is very popular in united states.

While I like soy milk, I find soy yogurt too sweet.

Emmie said...

We only have three or four types of 'milk' available to us and they're expensive. The cheaper brand isn't enriched with anything and as such is pretty terrible and the more expensive brands are very expensive. Dumb sweden!

tippitappi said...

So many options, that's nice, I don't know any of these names!!! I should make a post with all our italian ones.

Anthony said...

Please stay away from will only mess up your hormones and causes deforestation. Vegans claim to be all eco-sensitive, but soy is a destroyer of nature.

Go with almond or macadamia milk made at home...stay away from factory food as much as possible..PLEASE!

____/\____ said...

Stay away form soy because of deforestation? Maybe, but please remember that the majority of the world's soy production is for use as an animal feed.

Stay away from mammal flesh if you don't want soy created deforestation.