Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DPV Food!

In all, my parents were in town for 10 days worth of eating. They don't know I have a vegan blog--I don't know how I'd feel about my parents checking up on me! They are decidedly not vegan, and a bit turned off by meals without meat. Still, I got them to eat vegan meals for half of the dinners they were here. Let's see, I served them dhal, risotto, curry, burritos, and a salad dinner (potato salad, pasta salad, and stir-fried veggies). They aren't breakfast people, but they had soymilk in their coffee--my mum found out the hard way that soy milk plus fake sugar equals curdled coffee! We ate in restaurants more during their stay than I have all year, I think. I discovered a few more vegan-friendly places, like a kebab shop that serves falafels, and we also visited some old favourites, like the chinese place and a noodle bar in town.

I didn't take many food photos while they were here, but I snapped a few. Here is the food we ate During my Parents' Visit:

What better way to welcome guests to the tropics than with fruit? Three small, sweet pineapples at various stages of ripeness meant we ate lots of pineapple!

Jackfruit is too much of an undertaking for us to buy a whole one, but we buy it pre-cut in tubs from the market.
I went over to Magnetic Island with my parents for a few days while Andy stayed home. On Saturday, mum and dad went out to the reef for a day of snorkelling, glass-bottom-boating, and swimming. I came home to find a birthday breakfast of coconut pancakes with mixed berry sauce! My birthday wasn't until Sunday, but it was so sweet of Andy to make such a yummy brunch.
One day we went up to Paluma, a world heritage rainforest area. In the carpark was a BIG mango tree, so Andy utilised all of his 6 feet 6 inches, plus his long reach, to pick as many mangos from the branches as he could. This was the bounty.
We also got my parents to try black sapote, but they weren't bowled over by the plain fruit. So I turned the rest of it into ice cream. Just mash until it's creamy, mix in the juice of one orange, and freeze. Voila!
So hopefully they have a better opinion of vegan food after this trip. I didn't want to push them too far with something as crazy as tofu (gasp!), but I think between the fruits and the veg, they got some good, healthy, tasty meals.


VeggieGirl said...

That's great that your parents DID try lots of vegan foods - and hey, the dhal, risotto, curry, burritos, and salad-dinner that you cooked up for them sounds sensational!! eek, sorry that your mom didn't have a great experience with the soymilk, haha - hopefully she'll give it another chance!! mm, the black sapote looks rather scrumptious to me! I've never had it before...

Liz² said...

yeah, black sapote... sounds very cool. getting parents to try funny food can be trying sometimes (my dad simply WILL NOT acknowledge tofu as a food), but it sounds like you made some headway!

..... turned off by vegan food? weird! :p

Anonymous said...

That's great that your parents did try lots of the food that you make, you make such a beautifull things that i think will hard to resist to your food.!!

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

all the pics are beautiful.
i am lucky my parents are foodies, so they try everything, even if they are for sure not vegan.

Amy said...

No one else in my family is vegetarian or vegan. I have to say I don't understand why people are so reluctant to try vegan food. It is plant-based! It's not like you're asking them to eat some exotic animal, or anything that could possibly harm them!

Also, I think people don't identify common meals like spaghetti & sauce or bean burritos as vegan. They eat them happily until someone calls the meals vegan, then they get scared of them!

Anonymous said...

The thing I've found with the curdled coffee is that you have to heat up the soymilk to the same temperature as the coffee BEFORE putting the coffee in the mug. I'm not sure of the science involved behind it but that really seemed to work for me and I've not had curdled coffee since.

Pink Theory said...

that is wonderful that your parents ate a lot of vegan meals. i'm jealous of all the tropical fruits in your pics, they look so fresh and yummy that my mouth is watering!