Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More hot damn and hell yeah

My obsession with my newest cookbook is still going strong. Probably our two favourite recipes are for mayonnaise and almost sour cream. They have graced the table for a lot of meals in the past few weeks. One thing we’ve discovered, though, is that using lime juice in the sour cream is much better than lemon juice. The best part about them? They only use a little bit of oil, so they are leaps and bounds better for you than their cruelty-filled counterparts.

Fajitas. Tofu strips marinated using the ‘beef style’ marinade. Served with salad, and with almost sour cream and salsa.

Leftover salsa was mixed with fresh raw corn and sautéed onions, and put on top of boiled whole potatoes (we wanted baked, but the oven heats the house up too much). The potatoes were topped with more almost sour cream.

Layered nacho dip. Refried beans, a layer of fresh raw corn, a layer of ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cheese’ Sauce (from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook), a layer of almost sour cream, and a dollop of salsa. The whole lot was topped with some diced cucumber and made a perfect dip for crunchy corn chips.

A Mexican-style pasta bake—pasta with refried beans, tomatoes, corn and capsicum, topped with a mixture of bread crumbs and polenta and baked. We served it with lots of almost sour cream, as well as salad and garlic bread. Yum!

Last night I had a human rights group meeting and I came home to couscous and roasted vegetables with dressing. Though the cookbook was open on the counter, I’m pretty sure the only part Andy read was the title before he started making this—aside from couscous, just about none of the ingredients in this dinner were the ones in the recipe. Still, it was delicious!

Though we’re quickly making our way through this cookbook, we have yet to make it into the dessert section… but I’ve still got my eye on the recipe for Apple Enchiladas!

But of course, my favourite vegan Nacho isn't found in this cookbook. She’s nearly five months old now, and more than 2 kilos!

And, for all the aussie vegans out there, nominate your favourites for the aduki aussie vegan awards!


Anonymous said...

Woo! Mexican feast. You've been a busy lady in the kitchen. Looks fantastic.

Amy said...

Nacho's still adorable!

I must get that book - you've convinced me. It looks tasteeee!

pleasantly plump vegan said...

that sour Kream looks dreamy

Liz² said...

oh my goodness, eek, I am SUCH a mexican food nut, and that almost sour cream lovingly draped over everything is driving me crazy. In a good way. You should come cook for me. :D

DJ said...

Nacho is so adorable! And that sour cream sounds yum!

VeggieGirl said...

hot damn is right - look at all that delicious Mexican fare!! yum!!

Ashasarala said...

Again, you have succeeded in making my stomach all rumbly. Mexican food is one of my favourites, though Italian and Indian are still topping the list.

Nacho!!!!!!! :-D

vko said...

Yes looks like there is quite a feast going on there, but I am simply distracted by how damn cute Nacho is.

More pictures please!!

textual bulldog said...

Wow, everything looks amazing, and Nacho gets cuter every time you post. Also, I love the way your boy cooks, never following a recipe, just experimenting with a little of this, a bit of that. It's so cool, and it seems like it always works out! ...This post really makes me want to buy Hot Damn and Hell Yeah... Great, another cookbook... :)