Saturday, January 03, 2009

And a happy new year.

Happy 2009, everyone.

We were happy to carry the lazy holiday period over into the earliest days of 2009. We rang in the New Year at a friend’s party, drinking cocktails on the balcony overlooking the beach and watching the fireworks from above the crowds at midnight.

We woke up on the first day of 2009 feeling... not quite hungover, but tired and thirsty. I made a lazy batch of pancakes, which we topped with jam (rhubarb for me, four fruits for Andy) and had alongside some fresh mango.

We spent the morning doing nothing much—some uni work, some reading—so weren’t too hungry for lunch. So, I made some mango-orange-carrot-apple-beetroot-ginger juice, which left us feeling full and healthy.

A movie, some dilly-dallying in the kitchen and more reading made up the bulk of our afternoon. For dinner, Andy made some “sausage rolls”—puff pastry filled with deliciously-spiced lentils—and I made some seitan enchiladas.

For dessert, I tried to recreate my all-time favourite food I had while in Thailandkhau neau mamuang, or sticky rice with mango. I didn’t have sticky rice, so I made a thick coconut rice pudding instead. This was good, but I’m going to get sticky rice next time I’m at the asian grocery because it wasn’t quite what I remembered.

Still, it was great to have mango for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I’m a bit sad to see the holidays go. Lazy days filled with good food, swimming and tropical fruit are kind of, well, awesome. But the holidays are well and truly over—I’m in my office on a Saturday. Before 2009 gets going full steam ahead, I’m going to reminisce about 2008…

It was hectic but a good year. I did lots more travelling around Australia, which I’ve been meaning to do since before I moved here (for instance, I went to Brisbane, twice; to Melbourne; to Auckland; and to places around North Queensland like Bowen, Alligator Creek, Mission Beach, Crystal Creek, and Wallaman Falls).

Andy and I watched Nacho grow up into a self-righteous but sooky, playful and still clumsy adult cat.

Andy and I got engaged, and are planning to elope at some point in the future.

I’m another year closer to finishing my PhD—13 months to go until hand-in, so long as I don’t extend.

We both got new bikes so now I can get around with no hassles when Andy goes away for weeks at a time.

We got much better at the DIY lifestyle, with the acquisition of a yogurt maker, a bread maker, and a juicer.

We also discovered chickpea cutlets, which was probably the recipe which has had the biggest impact on our usual repertoire of cooking.

As much as I liked 2008, I’m happy to be moving on to another year. I hope you all had a great 2008, and that 2009 has lots of good things in store for everyone!


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, love the rhubarb jam-topped pancakes, especially!!

So many things happened for you in 2008 - I wish you, Andy, and Nacho the best in 2009 :-)

ŀĀŘ¡ŝ∫Á said...

I saw on a travel program the sticky rice with mango, it seemed delish!, hope this year will be as good as 2008!

Lovliebutterfly said...

Nice food! Can you believe I've never had rhubarb jam!? I always see it but never buy because I don't know what it'll taste like! I'll try this time. Happy New Year!

Groover said...

Wow, Nacho has grown a lot. Love the close up shot, beautiful cat eyes!

Love Mangoes. A friend came down from Cairns for the holidays and brought mangoes for us. Sooooo delicious.

Happy New Year, Therese.

Vegetation said...

*Gasp* Look at that grown up Nacho. Awww still so adorable!!!!

And yum, those seitan burritos are making me super hungry (those lentil sausage rolls are making me pretty hungry too come to think of it!)

I'm Philippa O said...

it was great discovering your blog - i look forward to reading more in 2009 and come back to melbourne so I can meet you!

Liz² said...

happy new year theresa! although I think maybe you should come over here and cook for *me*, what with the mango and smoothies and everything. :D
And bring nacho! (she's become quite beautiful, hasn't she?)

DJ said...

Happy New Year, Theresa! Mango, coconut and rice, possibly my three favourite things to eat! And I love the colour of that juice - yum!
I hope you achieve some more of your aims in 2009!

Amira said...

your 2008 sounds very successful! Don't you love it when mangoes are in season we buy like boxes full and eat them daily- so delicious! Nacho is cute!
p.s i just discovered chickpea cutlets recently, and they are soooo good!

Vivacious Vegan said...

I haven't had mango and sticky rice. My friend who lives in THailand said it's a staple and I must try it. As soon as mango season rolls around this will be on the top of my must make lists.

Zucchini Breath said...

Happy and fruitful new year to you.


Lauren said... for every meal is definitely awesome :) i miss mango..haven't had it in sooo long!
nacho is adorable..just simply adorable haha. glad you had a good new years!! :)