Friday, November 06, 2009

Polenta Pie

This dinner is a few weeks old, but I really liked the way it looked so I'm posting regardless of my failed timeliness.

About two months ago, Andy or I made a pumpkin pasta that was fairly meh. It didn't taste bad, just... meh. Instead of trying to suffer through leftovers straightaway, we put a tupperware in the freezer to revisit at a later date.

When that later date came around, Andy was struck by a lightning bolt of creativity and took over the reincarnation of the pumpkin pasta. He cooked up a batch of polenta, spreading most into a pie pan, thus making a thick crust. In went the pasta, all pumpkin-y and punctuated by broccoli and chickpeas. On top, he crumbled the remaining polenta, which had set too much to spread as a proper crust. That looked fairly good, but he upped the ante with sauce swirls and olives.

This all went into the oven, and a little while later we chowed down on a much prettier version of a pumpkin pasta fail. The result was marginally better than the first time, in my opinion, though Andy quite liked it. I loved the top part, where the pasta met the olives and sauce. But I am not really a fan of polenta. Still, I am a fan of having beautiful dinners created for me, so I'm not complaining!


AMR said...

We have to try this one!!!

Tamara said...

Wanted to let you know how excited I am with your many posts. After VeganMoFo ended, I thought I might go into Tropical Vegan withdrawals, but no! Yay for me!!

Mike K said...

Looks like an inspired use of leftovers, and a great combination of ingredients. Also, your suggestion of beetroot gnocchi is an awesome idea - the color would be brilliant!

Haylee said...

wow, that looks amazing/beautiful/delicious/professional/yummy and etc.:) I'm impressed!

Vaala said...

That pie looks really cool! I like polenta...never thought of using it as a crust for a pie but it works well as a different kind of pizza base (hmmm, haven't done that in a while come to think of it).