Monday, November 16, 2009

Soup Weather

It's pretty much summer again here in Townsville, which means gorgeous blue skies, a bit more humidity and 30+ temperatures--which I love. But in the past few weeks we have had several 'unseasonably cool' days, some with rain. I realise that my perceptions of cold days are what others would consider balmy, but a high of 26 during the day is my idea of soup weather. Or at least, I realised it's the closest I'll get to soup weather for several months, so I may as well take advantage of it.

Soup weather + spring vegetables coming from the southern states = Potato-Asparagus Soup, from Vegan with a Vengeance.

This is a really satisfying recipe. It's thick and rich, but without any soy or even much fat. The creaminess comes from a potato, which gets blended. And the flavour comes almost solely from two very delious ingredients: asparagus (from Victoria) and dill (from my garden).

I think I was even wearing sweatpants while I made this.


Amy said...


It was 31 degrees here today and I was complaining about the temperature - I'm a bad ex-Townsvillian.

Vaala said...

I like soup at all times of the year, even summer. It's comforting.

Liz² said...

woot! sweatpants cooking! why does that soup look so refreshing, too?

Sylvia said...

Hmm.. I can't do soup when it's hot outside unless I'm really sick. But right now it's FREEEZING outside and this looks delicious! I think someone should write a book called "Sweatpants cooking!"