Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hey, Aussie vegans, I'll be spending a week in Sydney in December, and I have a grant to pay for my food - yippee! So, I'm looking for restaurant suggestions. My accommodation is in Kirribilli, and I'll be spending most of my daytimes at Macquarie University. Aside from the conference dinner, there are no meals included with the conference, so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!

Also, is anyone interested in a meet-up of some kind? Perhaps for a Saturday morning brunch that I have drooled over on so many other blogs, before I fly back to Townsville?


Camilla Peffer said...

There's nothing really around Macquarie Uni, but if you duck across to the shopping complex there's a good salad bar near the icerink.

Newtown is excellent for vegan food, there's also a chain of vegan food called Iku (it's a bit pricey though) scattered throughout the city.

bazu said...

Have fun in Sydney!!

True story- I think you were the first comment on my blog, ever! Ahhh, memories.

Anna said...

If you find yourself in the city, on Pitt Street, you could try Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen...

Joe Goozeff said...

Sydney's best veg restaurant IMO is The Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Evans St Rozelle. Nada's Lebanese Restaurant in Cleveland St Surry Hills does a very good veg banquet for $25.One of the nicest places to have lunch in the city is Young Alfred, at Circular Quay, it's not veg but it does a very nice veg pizza and pasta, and the setting is superb,
Be aware that the temperature in Sydney is likely to be above 30 degrees Celsius on some days in December and may hit 40 degrees.

Theresa said...

Thanks for the tips everyone :)

Joe, I'm hoping it's nice and warm. I have a tendency, when I travel, to underpack and end up freezing my toes off because I'm fairly spoilt by Townsville's lovely warm weather!

Susan said...

Oh, I am so jealous. I love Sydney, I wish I could visit it more often. All the vegan food, and some of my favourite people in the world too!

If you are there over a weekend can I please command you to head straight to Newtown for brunch at Naked Espresso? It is DELICIOUS!

Other favourite places of mine in Sydney were Green Palace in Newtown (vegan Thai, heavy on the faux) and Iku (various locations), which delicious! Sure a bit pricey, but so good! Their salad dressing is to die for, and try the sago or black rice puddings! Nom, nom, nom!

I used to eat at Green Gourmet in Newtown a lot, and they do a yum cha on weekends. However it has since come to light that some of the 'vegan' products they sell in their grocery store next door actually have dairy or egg in them, which they get around by just blacking out that particular ingredient. And they use those products in their restaurant. As such, they are so off the list now. *grumble*

During the day, Naked Espresso morphs into Basil, which has vegan pizza and fantastic vegan desserts.

There's a good place in Newtown on South King Street called Vina's which is Vietnamese, again heavy with faux. But get something with their mushroom sauce and you will be licking your plate clean!

There are other places, but my mind is overloaded with cravings right now so I will have to just step back for a while. ;)