Saturday, January 14, 2012

Looking for Lunch

During the week, our lunch routines are pretty well established. Andy has a salad sandwich, while I eat leftovers from dinner the night before. What we struggle with, though, is lunch on the weekends. I don't find salad sandwiches all that fulfilling, and after 5 days in a row Andy is ready for a change. We are usually pretty stumped about what to eat, often falling back on standards like noodles (for me) and leftovers (for Andy, usually eaten while standing over the bench top). But, sometimes we do get creative, and I want to document them, mainly as a reminder to myself about the options.

When we feel like wraps but don't have tortillas on hand, we use sheets of nori instead. This one is filled with a chickpea salad. It's harder to bite than tortilla, but full of iodine, so at least there's that.

Sometimes we creatively combine a series of leftovers - here we have leftover hummus, some puy lentil salad, and a few veggies in a tortilla.

20cent tofu makes a reasonable lunch, especially on a bun with veggies - here, with shaved sweet potato, grilled onions, cucumber and tomato.

Shaved sweet potato makes another appearance in this easy pants salad - with cucumber and sun dried tomato, and splashed with balsamic.

Andy came up with the idea for these "sushi crackers" - hummus flavoured with nori, wasabi and rice vinegar, with pickled ginger and biscuits.

Those are a few ideas, but I want MOAR. What are your favourite lunch ideas?


Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

That puy lentil salad looks divine!

Hannah said...

I'm in love with the nori chickpea wrap. GENIUS.

Kari said...

The fact that I'm reading this after lunch is making me feel a tad embarrassed :p You see, my weekend lunches also lack for inspiration, but as a result they are often a random combination of foods that aren't necessarily lunch like. Today wasn't too bad, as it looked a bit like 'lunch' (sourdough tortilla with tahini, with an apple and grapes and a few random crackers on the side) but sometimes it's cereal, sometimes fruit bread, sometimes tofu with crackers. Your options look much better!

During the week I am more appropriate in my choices; leftovers, easy-to-prepare salads with legume toppings plus bread, etc. If I was more organised I'd do sushi and rice paper rolls, but I'm normally not!

foodfeud said...

I love yr chickpea-nori wrap! I've been eating raw this last week and brought a raw vegan tuna wrap in nori for a snack yesterday. So good and fishy! Plus I don't love tortillas. Great ideas. Do you cook the shaved sweet potato?

Mel said...

Your lunches all look amazing! I love making different flavoured tofu scrambles on the weekend but we normally eat it as a late morning brunch. I'm inclined to cook up a pot of soup during winter but that doesn't really suit your climate. Have you made chilled soups like gazpacho or borscht before?

Theresa said...

@foodfeud - we eat the sweet potato raw. It's really nice in a salad when it's grated or shaved really thinly with a peeler.

Emmy June said...

Hey! I'm your newest follower. I'm an American living in Sydney and a vegetarian. So excited to get some food ideas from your blog. My hubby is a meat eater, so it helps to find inspiration elsewhere (since I'm not the most fab/creative cook).