Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sheese Louise

A few months ago, I tried some Kingland Soy Cheese, which was just horrible. My post about it prompted Susan, in Brisbane, to very kindly offer to send me up some Sheese, which is shelf-stable so post-able. I was getting ready to go overseas, so I asked for a rain check, and eventually Susan and I engaged in some package swappering shortly before Christmas.

The package I received from Susan had way more than just Sheese in it. It also had some vegan gummy sour snakes, some Primal Strips soy jerky, and a Go Max Go Joker bar. All things were massively appreciated - gummy candies have always been my favourite, and were one thing I was very sad to give up upon adopting vegetarianism. Candy bars - hello, who doesn't want a vegan snickers? But I love a good savoury snack, and vegan jerky made Andy and I think seriously about how we can make some in our dehydrator.

But the Sheese was really the star, and for a few weeks was the gift that kept giving. I was pretty happy to see that it is grate-able.

For our first try of it, we put it on pizza, along with some BBQ sauce, grilled onions, and vegan bacon bits (which we souvenired from the US). The Sheese didn't melt, as such, but since it was grated and we didn't layer it on too thick, it didn't matter much. It did add a really nice layer of flavour that our normal cheeseless pizzas don't have.

The smoked cheddar flavour is exceedingly good on crackers.
Sheese and Crackers

And it made a tasty, if not melty-gooey, toasted cheese sandwich.
Toasted cheese sandwich, with smoked cheddar sheese

The plain cheddar found homes atop nachos, more pizzas, mixed into our Christmas breakfast hash browns, and in a wrap with some BBQ "Pulled" Jack fruit.
BBQ jackfruit wrap

Susan - thanks so much for all of this! Vegan bloggers really are the best :-)


Kari said...

What an exciting package! As someone who didn't like cheese even before reducing dairy, I'll confess to being more excited by the other items in your package than the cheese per se. However, it's nice to know there are actually vegan cheeses out there that taste edible and can be used in place of the cow version.

Hannah said...

Oooh, I had no idea that vegan jerky was available in Australia at all! Though what I really miss is the Stonewall (I think?) vegan jerky from America. Mmmm, smoked cheeze! I'd like that :)

Emily said...

I love that the jerky is called "Primal Strips"...ahahahaha!

SarahByng said...

Sheese has such a nice flavour, especially for crackers, I dont cook with it much. I use Redwoods Cheezly for that, but not sure if its only in the UK.
Great post, I have a massive pizza craving now (but I'm in Vietnam)!

AikoVenus said...

The package looks fantastic! ^^ I've always wanted to try some sheese - it looks so tasty.

Emma said...

I first tried sheese when I was in Wales. We got some of the cheddar kind and ate it in a park with some chilli stuffed olives. I quite like it uncooked :D but I didn't know it was shelf-stable!

dreaminitvegan said...

What great treats! I've heard good things about Sheese. Smoked cheddar...yum!

urban vegan said...

I think Sheese is decent. Loved it on bread and/or crackers, too! I think one misconception about vegan cheeses is that they are one size fits all. They're not. Just like cow's milk cheeses, some are hard and crumbly while others are melty. They all have different characteristics, which lend themselves to different uses.

BTW, when you were here, did you get to try Daiya cheeses? They are exceedingly melty--perfect for pizzas, grilled cheeses, Mexi food, etc.

Nadine said...

ooh i love the idea of a proper vegan cheese toasted sandwich!! I really miss them - toasted sandwiches are not quite the same without melted stuff!

shawna said...

Sheese is soooo good (although I've only ever tried the smoked cheddar because every time we go to buy it I just can't get past the amazing flavour of the smoked cheddar to try one of the other flavours). I love making jerky in our dehydrator and usually use a recipe from How it All Vegan that can be found here:
Primal Strips are great-- every time we go back to Canada and the US we buy heaps (but now we can get them here too- just a bit more expensive but a great treat)

Susan said...

So glad you enjoyed it. :)