Sunday, February 19, 2012

Healthy vs. Junky

When Andy was away for two weeks, in addition to a smoothie a day, I ate some other things, too. The last few times I've been home alone I have experienced severe lack of motivation to cook much more than noodles or toast. But not this time! This time I did cook some stuff, but it wavered between being mega-healthy, and mega-junky. All delicious, though.

I started by making a raw cabbage salad, with grated carrot, nigella seeds, and a little bit of olive oil and vinegar.

I often came home from work and snacked on such healthy delights as cucumber (or carrot) and cannellini bean dip.

I made a bowl o' potatoes + beans + carrot + spinach + garlic, which was a pretty healthy dinner.

But then I ate an entire dinner of nachos - not the loaded kind of nachos that Andy and I usually have, which match the junkiness of chips with healthy beans & veggies. These nachos were reminiscent of the sort of snack you can get at takeaway shops (at least, where I grew up). The snack which consists of a container of tortilla chips, smothered in melty-processed "cheese" from a tub. I say "cheese" in quotes, because I suspect it was more chemical than anything else. But, for some reason, I wanted to eat that, so I made a vegan version, using the recipe for Nacho Cheeze from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.

It was good, but I actually kind of liked the veggie- and bean-centric meals better. I dare not tell teenage-Theresa that this was the case, though.


Kari said...

I think we all need some 'junk' to balance out the health :) I do find it much easier to prepare 'real' meals when it's not just for me, so I'm impressed with your health efforts when you were alone. I suspect cereal might have featured for dinner at least once if I had a week alone!

Millie said...

everything looks so appetizing and there's nothing better than some great veggies, potatoes and some good comfort junk food.

Vaala ◪ said...

That cheeze sauce would be great on the top of veggie and bean nachos too though. I do love the beans and veggie goodness because it makes me feel better about how many corn chips we manage to demolish each time!

I never really thought about serving chunks of potato mixed in with everything else but it sounds like a cool idea. Will have to try it.