Thursday, February 02, 2012

Jack Fruit Extraveganza

In December, Andy and I picked two jack fruits. We cooked them, and turned them into three delicious meals.  There was a curry, a Vietnamese-ish salad, and BBQ "pulled" jack fruit. All were seriously yummy.
Cooked jackfruit

I've posted about the process over at Offbeat Home, so hop along to there and check it out!


Mel said...

Congrats for taking on the fresh jackfruit! I've read about how messy it is to prepare so have been happy to stick with the tinned stuff. Your dishes look fantastic, especially the salad. I tried a BBQ jackfruit recently and we weren't that keen on it even though it was a sauce we had liked in the past. The best thing I have made with jackfruit was a rendang, that was really nice.

Kari said...

I've never tried jack fruit - but what I know of them leads me to think you did well in using fresh ones so well in so many dishes :) I'll have to look into them!

Shear Sensations said...

Theresa, to us Puerto Ricans that fruit is called Guanabana...a tropical fruit that is overflowing in our island and we eat often in the island. The best way we like it is as a freezzie.

Mix a pinch of cloves, a dash of cinnamon and sugar to sweeten the mix, after the meat of the fruit has been put through a food processor until it is creamy then add the spices & sugar. After preparing the mixture pour it into ice cube trays or dixie cups and then freeze. Enjoy it is delicious especially in the Summer.

Cindy said...

I'm so impressed with your perseverance with the sticky fresh ones! K recently found and kindly shared a source of canned briny jackfruit and I'm keen to try the 'pulled pork' soon.