Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Betty goes Troppo

Though I will undoubtedly ignore Andy's suggestion that we try every recipe in every cookbook we already have before buying any more, his comment did make me think. I always have stacks of recipes flagged that I want to try, but I don't always get around to it. So I resolved to get around to it. Here are a few of the recipes I've tried in the last two weeks from Betty Goes Vegan.

This cookbook has copped a lot of flak for relying so heavily on mock meats and cheeses. Of course that is a barrier to me trying a lot of the recipes straight away, but when I look at the cookbook I think about whether it would be better with seitan or tofu. I also think that a lot of the recipes are not intended for every day (though I'm sure Betty Crocker genuinely was). So while it's not my go-to cookbook, I appreciate it for what it is. Plus, the recipes I have tried so far have been good.

This one is a bit of a cheat - we had it months ago, not in the past two weeks. 
Curry Spinach and Lentil Pilaf, p.221. I followed the gist of the recipe, but cooked the brown rice and hte lentils together rather than coming to the recipe with both already done. Also (it looks like) I added some red capsicum and maybe zucchini, to up the veggie-quota. Topped with crunchy fried shallots. This was a good one-pot meal that had a gentle zing of curry flavour.

Zucchini Apple Bread, p. 326. Really this is more like cake, obviously. I cut the recipe in half and just made one loaf, but I wish I had done two. This made a great from-the-freezer morning tea to bring to work every day, but only saw us through till Wednesday.

Asian Tofu Steaks with Wasabi Aioli, p.255. Instead of thick steaks, I did nice thin ones. And instead of marinating it, taking it out of the sauce, and baking it separately, we put the whole thing on the BBQ. The sauce thickened up, and the seaweed had Nacho begging to have some plz. Unfortunately for her, we humans loved it too much to share (also soy sauce seems like it wouldn't be good for kittehs).

 Hawaiian Toast, p. 44. Like French toast, but with coconut milk and pineapple juice. We had ours with mango jam. As you can see, it turned out pretty well. I loved it. Andy is lukewarm about french toast, but he ate 4 pieces.

Toffee Bars, p.309. The photo of this one, in the shiny colour pages, grabbed my eye. The recipe was easy enough. So after finishing some writing this weekend well in advance of a deadline, I decided I deserved some slice. I thought they would be very peanutty, but the base tastes more like caramel. Andy didn't like it at room temperature - he thought it was too 'nougatty', whatever that is. But cold, when the base is firm, we both want to eat all the slice.

So I've tried these 5, plus one more when I first got the book, which just leaves me with 494 to go. I've got Vegan Bacon & Kale Scalloped Potatoes on the menu for tonight - 493. But who's counting?


Anonymous said...

Ha, today I was wondering if I could do my own version of "Julie & Julia" with Dreena Burton books!!!

Kate said...

I was given this book for my bday, and have so far only made a few of the recipes... I liked the pilaf too. We don't eat much mock meat, but it is worth it for the chicken lettuce cups recipe in there, delicious! Will have to try those toffee bars. I love how much margarine some of the sweets have- and then it says you will need more to grease, so unapologetic, love it :) I also love the intro of the book

Joey said...

Looks like a pretty good haul all round, especially those toffee bars! I know what you mean about buying new cookbooks. Mine are like gremlins - they breed when no-one's looking!

Susan said...

My goal is to cook all the recipes in all my books but I keep buying new cookbooks at a startling rate!! Well, I keep on trying - I mostly cook something new every time I cook.
I have been on the fence about Betty Goes Vegan, but it might be fun to have, even if it isn't used heavily.

Mel said...

Those Asian tofu steaks look fantastic and so does the pilaf. There are so many great vegan cookbooks around, I find it hard to show restraint buying new ones - I like the sound of Betty Goes Vegan too!

I was looking through my cookbook collection the other day and thinking about setting myself some sort of challenge as there are ones on my shelf that have been sorely neglected.

Kari said...

I love the look of those Asian tofu steaks and the toffee bars! I also always love apple zucchini baked goods - so you've got a good selection here :-) You have also reminded me I have a lot of tagged recipes of my own to make...

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