Thursday, July 19, 2007


At the International Feminist Summit yesterday, Catharine MacKinnon sat down next to me for one of the sessions. Then, I went on the balcony to have lunch in the sun, and there she was. We talked about pornography and prostitution and patriarchy and capitalism.

But she was wearing a leather jacket, and eating non-vegan quiche.

How can someone be so switched on to one form of oppression and exploitation, but be so clueless about another?

(I didn't have the guts to ask her that...)


Veganista said...

She's on her way here to the ANU next week, I think.

Yes, for a lot of people there seems to be a blind spot where animals are concerned. It's like it just doesn't cross the mind to think about them. Then for some, I guess they just don't want to consider animals within the same ambit. :/

bazu said...

Catharine MacKinnon has more than one blind spot if you ask me... but also some good things to say. Cool that you got to meet her and see her in action!