Monday, July 30, 2007

Rockin' Out

Bazu, in a fit of meme-ing, tagged me with the Rockin' Girl Blogger title. A few weeks ago, Kristy gave me the same title, but I didn't follow up and tag new people.

Now, I think you are both totally freakin' rockin'. I love reading your blogs, and looking at your pictures, so I'm honoured that you think I'm rockin' too!

It is now my turn to tag 5 fellow Rockin' Girl Bloggers. In random, non-hierarchical fashion, here are my picks:
  • Amy, the Iron Chef Vegan, an Aussie vegan grad student like me who posts delicious looking food photos, many of which feature a Hello Kitty toaster.
  • VeggieGirl, a young vegan blogger. Her meals look great, and they please her non-vegan family, and really, what more can you ask of vegan food?
  • Vegetation, who somehow manages to raise a family, accommodate a non-vegan partner, take care of a few companion animals, and still cook delicious looking vegan food. And, she makes me laugh.
  • KleoPatra, hostess of Pisces Place, whose compassion radiates from the computer screen whenever I read her blog.
  • Lelly, a crafty, Scottish, Vegan Freak whose meals have inspired me on more than one occasion.
There are heaps of other rockin' vegan girl bloggers that I would love to tag, but I know that some have already been tagged, and others will be soon! So, Amy, VeggieGirl, Vegetation, Kleo, and Lelly, it's your turn to tag 5 rockin vegan gals. Or, if you don't feel like it, just bask in the glory of being rockin!


KleoPatra said...

Aw, Theresa! THANK YOU!! i just posted while you left me that sweeeeet note. Thank you for this honour!!!

Huge hugs!


Vegetation said...

Wow, Theresa, umm yes, what Kleopatra said (he he). I'm honoured that you chose me :D

Amy said...

Awww... Shucks....

VeggieGirl said...

Theresa, you are too kind!! This is such an honor, as a relatively new blogger. Thank you sooo much :0)