Thursday, September 24, 2009


My grumpy mood from the other day subsided, aided by food and drink, and it has since turned into an obnoxiously bubbly mood once more. Even the dry wind this morning didn't make me stop smiling.

Things I am happy about:
  • Andy is coming home today
  • I submitted a book proposal to this competition on Tuesday, the winner of whom gets a book contract for their PhD dissertation, and the judge said it looks interesting and he looks forward to reading it. I'm sure that's the stock response, but still. !!
  • My trainer thinks I'm a super badass because I can do straight-leg deadlifts. Also, exercise releases endorphins, so this is further adding to my chirpy disposition.
  • Peanut Butter Scotch biscuits.
  • A baby pineapple in the backyard. Daawww, look how cute.
  • Also cute, Nacho cat. I think she's the best.


Vaala said...

I like your list of things you're happy about. I should probably make one...maybe it'll help me get out of my unhappy mood. Oh, and Nacho is super cute :)

nora said...

The pineapple is SO cute.

glad you're feeling happier.

Vegetation said...

Awwww Nacho, how adorable!

Awww baby pineapple! Also very adorable!!!

Yay for Andy coming home and double yay for peanut butter scotch bikkies!! Mmmmm. said...

Yay for being obnoxiously happy!

Nacho cat is super cute and those biscuits look yummy too.

Gina said...

Hamstrings are one of my favorite muscles to work, and I love SLDLs, that's awesome that you've been working out more!!

I am very glad to hear that you are super happy!!

Bianca said...

Glad you're in a great mood. Peanut butter and butterscotch sounds like a combo that would make me uber-happy too. BTW, I love how you Aussies (and some of my British buds) calls cookies, biscuits. And I've decided that, when I can remember to do so, I'm also going to start calling them biscuits.

P.S. What do you call the breads that we call biscuits in the States? Just curious...

Susan said...

Hurrah for feeling better! That baby pineapple is ridiculously adorable indeed. I have never seen a baby pineapple before.

But Nacho is cuter! Have you seen the cats in sinks website? I bet she would make a lovely addition to the site. :)

Liz² said...

aww, I'm reading backwards so all I know is that you're in a good mood now and IT'S NOT HARD TO SEE WHY with those three pictures. Can I have your cookie recipe?? :D (is there really scotch in there?)