Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Gift Post

I've posted about our trip, about some of the gifts we gave, and about the delicious vegan meal we had, so to wrap up the xmas posts, I present you with a photo-essay of the things we got.

Because I'm vegan, and thus do a lot of cooking, I have a bit of a reputation as a foodie amongst Andy's family. Thus, we got a string of food-related gifts. Like the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker, sort of like a mortar&pestle but more compact.

We got a veggie peeler too, because I've complained to Andy's mum that I'm defective when it comes to peeling things. I've always blamed it on being a leftie, and most peelers being designed for right-handed users. But this peeler bypasses the problems and is surprisingly awesome.

This was actually an early wedding present, but this beautiful tea set from Andy's younger brother & his partner has already seen its fair share of use.

Andy's grandma gave us two tea towels printed with Australiana, as well as a freaking adorable apron that her mother embroidered in 1975.

More obvious than foodie-gifts, though, are the plain and simple "vegan" gifts. Like a cookbook with the V word sprawled across the front (this is the cookbook where the Black Forest Cake recipe came from, as well as the creamy mushrooms on toast from the cook-up brekky).

Or dairy-free chocolate.

Non-food related, we were gifted with these eco laundry balls which remove the need for detergent and a rinse cycle.

As well as a nerf ball, a gorgeous fabric-covered journal, an organic gardening magazine, some handmade earrings, and a bicycle repair kit.
Of course xmas isn't about the gifts, but I love the thought that went into the gifts we were given!


Amy said...

Spoiled girly! I love that it was mostly food related!

Groover said...

In the true spirit of Christmas! :-) Nice post, Theresa.

DJ said...

Wow - what a great selection of gifts! I'm especially loving the tea-set - so pretty, looks like my mum's Denby tea set that I've been coveting for years - and, of course, the cute little retro apron! I'm a leftie too, so that kind of universal peeler has been in my cutlery drawer for years! So quick and easy. said...

Great gifts, I've been eyeing up one of those jamie Oliver things for ages!

Anonymous said...

vegan gifts are fabulous! i love jamie oliver, that shaker thing looks cool. love that apron, so unique!

Seitahn said...

Wow! Seems you guys got spoilt! Love the apron.

The Vegan Snorkeler said...

Great gifts! I too just got those eco friendly laundry ball things. Leaves my clothes fluffy. I love that apron too!

Vaala said...

That apron photo is adorable!

Mandee said...

I love the tea set and the apron, it's v.cute!