Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Vegan Xmas Dinner

Before heading south, Andy and I got together with my vegan friend Mel and her husband for an entirely vegan meal. Mel was kind enough to let me test out our xmas seitan recipe on her, so I could tweak it as needed before serving to a room full of omnivores on the 25th. I used a combination of chickpea flour and gluten flour, and stuffed it with the Pecan Cherry Stuffing from Urban Vegan.

Andy and I also threw together a quick green salad and brought a jar of cranberry jelly with us.
Mel got to work on all of the sides. Rosemary roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots and pumpkin, plus delicious stuffed zucchinis which aren't in the photos. The star of the dinner, however, was the bubbly but non-alcoholic Mango Tango from Robinvale Organic Wines.
Mel also wowed us with dessert, a traditional Plum Pudding served with vegan cream and vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately we forgot to photo that part of the meal -- quite frankly, I was more concerned with eating it!

It was a great chance to eat good food with good friends -- without having to ask about ingredients or make sure that the serving spoons didn't get dipped into a non-vegan dish. Merry xmas, Mel!


DJ said...

Looks great - and I agree about being able to relax and not worry about what you're eating. Our dec 25th dinner was a bit of a washout so I made us an immense black bean-lentil seitan roast when we got home with all the trimmings - so so good!

Anonymous said...

great feast! that seitan roulade type thing looks really good, smart thing to test out new recipes before serving them to omnis, gotta give veg a good name!

Amy said...

Yum! We were lazy and used the Sanitarium roast (and we're having another one for dinner). So talented!!!