Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mango Madness

As promised, I've started to get creative with mangos.

We got this tray of 18 mangos for $8. That's $0.45 each! And they are good-sized, so it is a bargain. This tray was from some kids selling them by the roadside. Are we supporting local agriculture, or future venture capitalists?
Using some leftover mango sauce from VwaV Mango-Ginger Tofu, I made Curry Mango Lentils.
It was easy. Cook brown rice. In a separate pan, saute some onions, then mix in carrots. Stir through a spoonful of curry paste--we used yellow curry paste. Then add 1 cup or so of lentils and twice as much water. Cover, simmer till the water is absorbed, and then mix in as much mango sauce as you can handle. We used a good sized jar of it and found it wasn't too mango-ey. Then we mixed in some green peas and red capsicum, for colour, and topped the whole thing off with more fresh mango! The sweet and spicy combination made for a yummy dinner.


VeggieGirl said...

ahh, LOVE what you've been cooking up with the mangoes!! I just had lentils for dinner tonight - too bad I didn't have any of your scrumptious-looking curry-mango-lentils!! yum!! send leftovers, please :0)

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

yep, i'm jealous

Vegetation said...

Mmm those lentils sound really delicious! And they look huge! What sort of lentils are they?

Ashasarala said...

Mixing fruit with veggies always seemed crazy to me, but beans? Now that's wild! haha I've gotta try more of that kinda thing, broaden my horizons.

In any case, this dish looks yummy.

Theresa said...

Vegetation, they're regular old brown lentils. I was inspired by your talk of tamarind lentils!

Kumudha said...

Curry Mango Lentils looks so vibrant and delicious!